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Erotic story – Sex on first date (Men who wear panties – 6)

Published June 16, 2013 by jessicamendez

Thank you all men and their wives for such a great response and showing so much love and support to this blog.

I just wish to see more people commenting openly like someone did today. Thank you so much Robbie.

Before I start this week’s blog, I make it clear that I am not on a mission to inspire more men to wear panties. My mission is to spread the awareness of how normal it is for men to wear panties. It is just as normal as women wearing pants or shirts.

ManPantiesI wish I had a dang-a-lingi between my legs to realize how different it feels to put it in boxer shorts or panties. Unfortunately I don’t have it. I am born to wear panties, and damn I love it! I would now control myself from going on about – how awesome panties feel to my skin, how I enjoy collecting them, how my husband has his own collection of panties, blah…blah…blah…

I want to thank “Nylon4me” here, for posting on some website about me and mentioning 20th July, 2013 will be the day when all the men who are reading this will dare to wear panties, never mind where you are going. You may be facing 200 people when you stand up for your speech, you may have a very important wedding photo shoot to cover that day, you may be on your third date with that hot girl and today you are expecting her to show you her bedroom (Yes, even in that situation) – you are wearing panties.

I want to pull a NIKE on all of you here – Just do it. 20th July, 2013 is approaching with more and more planning to put on their panties.

“Don’t steal it, JUST BUY IT MAN!”

Moving on to the story part of this weekend, when all of you keep coming to visit this page with all the excitement of reading something new. I have something special to offer you all to read.

The following is a story request from not 1, not 4, not 8 but 31 Women around the world. So many women wrote me saying,

“Thank you Jessica, I always doubted if my husband was not normal till I read your blog.”

Not just that, but most of them requested a short erotic story about , “Men who wear panties”.

“Men who wear panties” has become one of my favorite characters now with all of you, the readers’ support and love. Some of you will be happy to know that I am working on 2 Novellas. 1 is touching all different grounds of sexuality, fetishes and kinks and another one is about “Men who wear panties”.

Following story is dedicated to all you readers, who keep coming back and do show lots of interests through facebook and my personal E-mail inbox. (Contact details are at the end of this blog). Time for this week’s story.

Sex on First date

We were walking through the empty streets, after a night of food and drinks. All four of us had danced our shoes off. Meeting Eric today was the best part. His cute looks had always been center of attention for all the girls at the school, but I was the lucky one to enjoy them after college hours, tonight. I had been dying for so long for him to ask me out. Finally, last night my dreams came true. Dreams of dancing around him and keep throwing myself in his arms, pretending that I am drunk.

Soon, Nikki and Tara took their way apart. I then found myself and Eric left alone, walking together on our way home. It was past 2am, there was no body around.

Eric pointed to the beach and suggested, “Want to go somewhere more private?”

“Wow! Right now? On our first date? What do you think….I’m a slut?” I struggled saying that trying not to pass out with all the alcohol working on me from the club.

He suddenly grabbed my hand, “I have a surprise for you” whispered in my ears, and lead me away with him close to the sand.

He sat down half way to the sand and was trying to take my shoes off, “Are you looking up my skirt? you are a pervert Eric!!!” I said as I caught him trying to sneak peek while I rest my foot on his thigh.

“You show me yours and I will show you mine”, he said with a wink to top it up.

I kept staring at the water in the dark. Those roaring waves looked gorgeous in that moon light as they approach us, the moist sand was massaging my feet. As I looked to my left, Eric has walked a few feet away from me. With my blurred vision I struggled to see him taking his T-shirt off. To the best I could see, I must say he did not have bulky biceps or chest, but he was toned as if all the trainers at his gym carves and worships his body all day. His long curls fell out of his T-shirt as he pulled it away off his head.

Then with my bacardi covered eyes, I saw him taking his pants off. He was wearing what seemed like a red underwear. I suddenly started trying to remember if I had fixed my red lipstick when I went to the washroom with the girls, as if I was not going to get it smothered all over his body now. My half awake mind was getting hypnotized by Eric’s body coming closer to me. Him coming closer to me started working some sort of magic. I started unbuttoning my white sleeveless shirt. I took it off, exposing my torso and threw it on the sand. I started walking towards him after I also dropped my short skirt. I wanted to see him closely. I wanted him to see my body that was now only covered in my sheer white bra and a black mesh thong, body that I maintained for a date night like this. indians-beach-sex

Suddenly a thought crossed my mind if Eric had a protection with him or not, but it was too late as he stood only 2 feet away from me. We stopped walking any closer. I kept wondering what if Eric wants me to blow him? Taking a cock in my mouth, is so not my thing.

I murmured nervously, hoping he could hear me, “Eric. Every girl wants you, but you chose me. I just hope I can make this memorable for you. I am really….”

“Do you like what you see?” Eric interrupted.

I jumped on him and locked my lips with his, having him wrapped between my legs and my arms. We both were kissing and biting each other as if our bodies had been craving to do this.

As I got down and he relaxes his grip around me, I looked deep into his eyes. I took my lips close to his chest. I started biting his nipples and worked my way below. I kept an eye contact with him as I reached down kissing on his flat and stiff abdomen and moved my hand lower to touch his cock. As I massaged his cock cupping with my soft palm, I felt an unbelievable smoothness. I could not wait to end my curiosity. As I looked down, I notice him in pink cotton panties. It had red polka dots and it had a fine lace border around it.

I was shocked, I felt the roughness of the sand under my feet, I suddenly could not stand the enormous sound the waves were making, not letting me think straight. I kept stepping back.

“Wait! Don’t be deceived by the looks.” he said with a smile.

I could see his cock growing harder under those panties. Nothing made sense to me. As I stepped away he started walking closer to me.

He suddenly started saying the most wonderful things about me, “I had been wanting you for long. I study your body very carefully, when you do not know. Call me a pervert for that if you must, but I want to worship your body. I want to show you what I can make you feel, that may be no other man has ever made you feel.”

I stopped walking away, and all because of what happened after that, I am glad I was drunk that time and I believed him instead of running away from him.

He pulled me and lift me up in his arms, gazing at my breasts right above his eyes. As he let me down he drew a streak of wet kisses from my lower abdomen till my chest passing through my bra. Then, he laid me on the sand and darted his tongue deep inside my mouth. He pulled his tongue out and started rubbing it all over my neck while he holds my hands pressing in the sand over my head. I could feel his strength and I could still feel the sensitivity of his tongue rolling on me. I wrapped my legs around him again and started kissing him. Soon our kisses turned back into a wild tongue play.

He started rubbing on my crotch over my panties. I was caught, I am sure he felt the wetness of my pussy. He started squeezing my breasts. I lost control then. I pushed him off me trying really hard, and jumped over him. I kept staring at him for a good minute.

I let my hands run free on his cock as I enjoyed licking his chest and shoulders. He was pulling me closer with his strong arms. As I felt the smoothness of his panties on my fingers and have his arms push me closer I was really turned on. I went lower kissing him, I pulled his panties off him…and grabbed his cock in my mouth. I sucked him all the way in my mouth in the very first time.

I was surprised with myself. I started licking his cock releasing all the precum. I was only getting addicted to that salty sweet juiciness as I kept on licking it, taking it deeper in my mouth.

“I want your pussy in my mouth” he begged.

I turned my legs and opened them over his face. He pulled my thong down and off my legs. All this time I did not leave his cock alone, I was enjoying sucking it deeper and deeper. It was only getting wetter and tastier. His pre cum was sticking all around my lips and my cheeks too. I was coming back to my senses realizing what I had been doing since we got on this beach and enjoying every bit of it.

Lauren_Nude-01He was licking my pussy making it wetter with every touch of his tongue. He pushed his tongue deep inside my wet cunt intermittently, which made me release an orgasm as I screamed with pleasure of knowing that his tongue is right there to taste every drop of it.

I wanted to ride his panty covered cock now. I sat on his cock, inserting it deeper as I could go every second and before I knew it I was riding him. I could hear our flesh beating each other’s as we fucked in that moon light. I wanted to leave my breasts free. I took off my bra and did not realize how far I threw it away in the water that was almost touching us.

I started riding his cock, filling my cunt to the deepest part of it, almost tearing it apart. I jumped viciously letting his cock in and out of me as many times as I could. I wanted to cum really bad, and I wanted his cock to feel the wetness of my pussy.

I took a deep breath and paused for a few seconds. His hands came covering my breasts, and started slapping and squeezing them cruelly. He started pulling my nipples almost taking them off my breasts and holding those nipples between his index finger and thumb, he started wiggling my breasts.

“What is up with those panties?” I asked as I continued fucking him. “Why did you put them on today?”

“I do that everyday. That is my secret.” Eric said, breathing heavily as I kept working on his cock.

“Why did you show it to me then? Why not keep your secret?”

“I wanted you to know how dirty I can be. Welcome to my dirty perverted world of panties.” Eric said.

“Make me cum now panty boy. Don’t think only you have a secret.” I said as I started riding on his cock rubbing my pussy on his crotch front and back as I have him shove deeper in me, massaging my g-spot.

Screaming on top of my lungs, I lift myself up off him, pulling his cock out and squirted all over him as I shot a huge load of my pussy juice.

I grabbed his cock inside my mouth again. I was not gagging, I was not hating a cock in my mouth. Suddenly his panties on the sand only a feet away from us caught my eyes. It turned me on to know that Eric and I share our most intimate secrets with each other now, I kept rolling my tongue on Eric’s cock head as he was in my mouth. Suddenly warm thick squirts of his cum started filling my mouth. I kept sucking on him till the last drop got out of his penis. I tried swallowing much as I could, unfortunately some of his jizz slipped out of my mouth.

I tried catching my breath with my eyes close as I laid my naked body on the sand. When I opened my eyes, I saw Eric putting his panties back on and his pants and t-shirt eventually.

He walked me home and before giving me a good night kiss he told me, “This was unfortunately our only date. I always liked you. I never wished to be a woman, but my body is only comfortable in panties. I adore your body so much that before I leave this town tomorrow norning, I wanted to share this dirty secret of mine with you and also wanted to see how good you look when you are naked.  You have a body of a Goddess. Every time I put on a pair of panties, or even cross dress sometimes I think of your body. I envy your body. I wonder how great you must look in a pair of panties. Thank you for making it all special for me. I will never forget this night. I am sure you will not forget it either.”


That’s all for now people. I understand these stories I write could be better than the way you have to read them. But for a blog like this, and with all other responsibilities, I have to do the best out of the limited time I find to write to entertain you all. I am making sure I put more time and efforts into the Novellas to serve you something hot and tempting, that will leave you tired and wanting more.

Hope I met the need of the story to all those 31 women. lol.

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Thank you all for reading. Keep your panties wet.


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