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Choosing the perfect panties. (Men who like wearing panties – 4)

Published June 1, 2013 by jessicamendez

(This is a 4th part of “Men who like wearing panties”, if this topic interests you look on the right side of this page and you will find other blogs related to the same topic. You may find that interesting. Also check out some eroticas while you are here, thank you for your interest and your time. Hope you enjoy reading.)

So I had been asked few times by different men and women through my facebook inbox and also my e-mail messages, that what is the perfect type of panties for a man to wear.

Well, its a trick question.

I like my man in panties, and he likes wearing them too. Win win for us. But is that easy for all the couples to deal with?

Female panties in B&W.

There are few things one should keep in mind before choosing the right type of panties, whether for himself or if you are a woman finding a panties for your man.

Let me bring up those links again below, (something I mentioned in my other blog before – in “men who like wearing panties”.)

So, if you click on those links and surf through the collection of panties and bras for men, you may notice there is a huge bump in the price compared to what women wear.

Now, if you can afford those kind of panties sure go for it, but I never bought one from such websites, neither my husband agrees to spend so much on a pair of panties he would wear for our special night or routine. Good thing about such websites designing panties for men is that it has some extra space for your Penis to sit quietly.

Drawing illustrating various styles of panties...

So, again it comes down to how to choose what is the right kind for you or for your husband/boyfriend?

On the left is the usual kinds of panties you see in a good store. There are obviously way too many varieties that you can find, depending where you go for shopping.


Try to go to a dollar store kind of place when you are a beginner, just to get the feel of panties around you. That way you can first decide if you are a panty person or not, without investing too much in it. Remember if you are new to this (unless you are a woman), you are prone to feel nervous unless you pretend to be shopping for your girl. So, save your money, be a smart shopper before you really invest into something more fashionable or a good brand.

Challenge is you may walk out with a wrong size if you approach a dollar store sort of a place. But chances are you will be fine.


In the picture above shows all kinds of styles available for panties in general. See what you may feel comfortable with, sometimes bikini panties look comfortable but you never know you may find like you are wearing nothing at all when you get inside a thong.

This you can only decide after trying a few different styles. That is why I suggested dollar store earlier, as they have all kind of styles and you can afford it.


This is a biggest factor to keep in mind before you decide on what panties to wear. If you are going to hang out with your male friends,

English: A pair of white panties with hearts o...

or having a doubt to end up with a girl after buying her a drink at the bar, you may want to be wearing a boy shorts kind of panties. If a girl finds out about it when you are in her bedroom thats still going to be embarassing just as much, but this will give you more chances of getting away without being caught.

Of course you will keep in mind that Black or Dark shade of blue would be a proper choice to go for here.

Sometimes there are sheer fabric panties/see through/net/mesh – this kind you wear only if you are going to bed with your wife or chilling in your apartment. I would recommend this only for crossdressers/drag queens as they would be wearing girly clothes with it too. Mostly when my husband complains when he puts this on underneath jeans because the inner part of the zipper in your jeans will be rubbing on your skin through this sheer fabric, which he finds “Sooooo annoying” as he describes it.

If you are wearing a thong with a short t-shirt on the top, make sure it has a big waist band and try avoiding girly colours like pink or red, if you do bend over and show some of it, you can still be lucky enough not to show the T part of the thong if you are wearing a dark or white shade.

If you are going to work, wearing proper attire, tucking your shirt in your trousers, you may feel yourself free to put on any kind you want besides avoiding the zipper injury through the sheer fabric feel free to be creative with your comfort.


This is the real reason why I want to find my man in panties all the time. Being a woman I feel that there is a huge lack of variety in men’s underwear, unless you have a money tree in your back yard and want to spend 50 dollars for some fashionable underwear. OH PLEASE!!!

Life is full of colours. You need colours. You need fashion. Use it all that you have, be creative to keep your inner life interesting and keep your inner self confident.

19 May 2007: Shooting with the Pros. My first ...


So, if in girl sizes you are M(medium) you may want to try going for L(large) when you choose your panties. It may help you giving a little extra covering in the front, but it is not a sure for win idea. Sometimes trying to go a size bigger may mar the joy of wearing panties, by having lose parts instead of that perfect fit.

You may have to skip through different brands or styles in order to find the right match that will give you enough covering in the front plus will provide you perfect fitting all around your butt.


That was just a quickly fired blog. I am currently working on an erotica novella and a self help book for “Men who like wearing panties”. Which of course has all you need to know for men and for those kinky wives who dare to have some fun making your husband your “boy toy”.

After all, relationships are about love; loving each other. The more you love the more you give. The more you will give, the more you will get.

The above blog is dedicated to men who like wearing panties and those women who like to see their men in panties. Men in panties, is absolutely normal to find these days. 2 years ago when I was using bus frequently, at two different occassions I caught a man(different man each time) in the bus  wearing panties. Not that I saw him putting it on, but it is not hard to miss when some man bends over and you can see that nice pink frill popping out of his pants.

If you are a man or a woman wanting to try this but hesitating for some weird reasons, you are missing out I will say. As long as the adventures are discussed between two loved ones before they each decide to pursue it, it will only make the relationship healthy. On the other hand hiding your fetish and trying to be who you are not may only create disputes between the two of you. For a man sometimes, thinking of wearing panties is almost illegal. Please don’t be stupid. Not only you are missing out on your fetish, you may be missing out on some comfort and fashion in your life after all.

Don’t forget the secret mission on 20th July, 2013, all men are secretly wearing panties. Join in the fashion revolution.

Thank you all for your interest in my blog so far. I have only the growing number of visitors dropping me a line of two in my inbox every next day. I once started this blog thinking I want to write an erotic short. Now, besides my writing finding its fine edge gradually, I have also found a purpose for this blog. The purpose is to keep more and more people erotically entertained.

Please write me what you would like to read here in my blogs. Whether it is a particular fetish story you have in mind or some suggestions to seek out, I will only give it a shot if I am sure of helping you out in that area. Either I will completely make you happy or won’t tease you and take the candy away at all.

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Hope to make more friends who enjoy reading erotic genre. Thank you all for reading.


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