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Men who wear panties – 7 (Must read – Milestone)

Published June 21, 2013 by jessicamendez

The number of visitors I have looking at this blog everyday tells me, there are more and more curious people everyday. When I started writing about this “Men who wear panties”, I never expected to find so many supporters and admirers.

My message inboxes are so full all the time now. Every few minutes a man or a woman is writing me either to thank me for this blog or the whole 20th July thing when all men will be wearing panties around the world. There had been few very interesting comments and messages I received in my mail box and facebook account. I would like to discuss them today, as some readers have wrote very interesting things to me this past week.

I received comments/emails that included the following, just a few of them

“……..I believe the second half of this battle must be waged by men by actively wearing women’s clothing, particularly the skirt and dress . Panties worn by males don’t symbol / message to other males because they are hidden. Men who want the revolution in equality for the sexes to come to completion must wear skirts and dresses so that all stereotypical forms of maleness and femaleness in outward appearance are homogenized. The result will be that individual will not be judged by the dress they wear, but by the content of their character……”

“The person who can change the world has arrived.” (I loved this to the core as somebody updated a facebook status in his profile and put a link to my profile as that person….I could not stop laughing at first and then I honestly felt the need of this change was to the top. Thank you my friend for your words. Hope the person I am talking about is reading this.)

“Thank you so much for understanding those men who feel the need to wear panties, specially when most of them are married and heterosexual.” (Out of these readers some have very supporting wives, while some dream that she would support it someday. (If you have a female partner who does not support this, I may suggest that please try to avoid putting her through this often. As a woman I understand how awkward it may feel to suddenly grasp this change. Go slow. She will support if you appreciate her more. Talk about it, before jumping into doing it. There is always a happy medium you both can figure out, which is a key to every successful and happy relationship.)

“OMG….today me and my husband were talking about your blog while shopping at a thrift store and we noticed a few men in the store that day who were by them selves and yet looking at woman’s clothing. For a gift to their lady friend its very cheap of them for buying dresses from thrift store but me and my husband both had a feeling it was for them…..I could tell for sure.” (Well, Mrs. D this is very common these days. Me and my husband have also noticed often, specially lately lots of men who are wearing a nice dresses when they are out shopping. Last week when we saw such a man, my husband looked at me and said “Look what you are doing to the world”….hahaha….For a moment it felt like, that was the best compliment he ever gave me. Then I reminded him, “let’s pay attention to our shopping or you may pick a wrong size of your panties”.)  ;)

( Hahaha….Thank you so much for coming up with more ideas of spreading the word Jacky. Update your facebook friends, or your best buddies at the gym. Try going an extra mile if you can to spread the word.)

“I am dying to see my husband in Panties. How do I convince him to do it and then do it often? How did you train yours to do it?” (Well, my Asian beauty, thank you for sending me your pic and your husband’s pic too. I can tell why you want him to see wearing panties so badly. I did not have to convince my husband to do so, or train him or anything like that. It was just out of curiosity everything happened. It’s almost like I approved it and at the same time he fell in love with the feel of wearing panties.)

Now, to top it all up….I would like to say few things if you consider my opinions valuable enough. I would not mention all the questions or problems, I would just point out few things in bullets here…

  • Do not push this, “Men wearing panties” thing on your husband or your wives. Have a happy and healthy relationship. Talk about it, try to figure out why do you feel the need to wear panties and try it out. Spreading awareness has to have a good outcome, so don’t take a disadvantage of such blogs to convince someone to do something that may effect your relationship negatively, at a long run.
  • Many people are confused about wearing panties for men is related to being Gay. That is absolutely untrue. Even if you are gay, don’t be ashamed of it, because you can’t run away from the truth. Be who you are and be happy. And those who are straight – for some it is about fashion, to others it may be about comfort and for many many others, it is simply about being naughty with their loved ones, or wear it all day and keep the dirty thoughts around to spice up their sex lives.
  • That is the whole point of “Men wearing Panties” on July 20th, 2013. Men wearing panties are just words we will spread through the air. Nothing is written in stone. The problem I see is other men’s thinking, more than women. After talking to few men who enjoy wearing panties, I can be very sure that many men enjoy wearing panties and they all are afraid to admit it, because it is their friends (other men), who may judge them for doing something they want or feel the need to do.
  • More men are to be reached than women to be aware and feel okay that what they are doing has nothing to be doubtful about their sexuality.
  • Those who are dead serious about spreading this around, please talk to your friends and see what they think about it.
  • Most of all, live life to the fullest. Remember, you rather be on your deathbed realizing that you lived up to each of your dreams, instead of still being curious and thinking “What if, I did…..”
  • If there is a very good response to the 20th July plan, there will be more adventures for you to pursue.
  • Besides being finding the sexuality equal, also consider this about the fashion. As women can wear man’s clothing all the time inside out, why not men? Keeping few boundaries in mind, it would look awkward but not so awkward if you do it right.

Let’s keep life simple, by dealing complicated problems in a very simple way.

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