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“Relationships” and MWP – 8 (Men who wear panties)

Published July 19, 2013 by jessicamendez

So many of the readers and fans of this page are calling this “MWP” and so I will address it the same way, your way.

Men – who wear panties, had been sending me lots of e-mails and comments. 20th July, 2013 is here. There is so much excitement in2012-07-27-Lace400 the air, almost all around the globe.

Thank you all, once again, for a great response and making this blog more and more successful everyday.

Lately even the “girlfriends” and “wives” had been writing me more often expressing their feelings about their desperation to find their men doing just exactly this or tricking him into it. “Boyfriends” and “Husbands” or single guys had been writing me about how to convince their partner. They all have one thing in common, either one of the partner is holding that fetish or fear within.

Let us all remember the roots of any successful relationship – communication, honesty, faith….blah blah blah.

Through this blog I wish to reach all those who are forgetting those basics of a happy relationship.

Now, bare with me when I say, What if -

Women who are matured are able to understand that men wear panties and it is okay, just like the girls who share this wild side of finding their partner doing something unexpected. May be, just may be there are lots of women and girls out there who want to see this happening but they are afraid to admit it, or afraid to try it because the fear is to like it and assumption that it won’t last long, before they get misunderstood.  OR…..Men who are matured wants to wear panties, wants to try something new to spice things up around, with all the knowledge and maturity to realize there is nothing wrong with it. Boys who want to explore their sexuality but too scared of coming out if they have to face the worst fear, which actually their own mind considers it to be a fear. Some men might be afraid if wearing panties will lead them curios enough to try on a bra some day, or a ball gown eventually…which their partner may not support.

new-hp-hero.jpg.jpgAbove situations could be true to the point that we all may find it unbelievable. Same situations may be just a fragment of my imagination, or yours. Your head hurts yet?

Back to the basics of a happy relationship considering above situations, these situations occur when you fail to communicate. Sometimes one partner holds this fear of losing the loved one and that is why put a restriction on trying something. How do you come over that? How would you convince a girlfriend or a wife that you are not gay, you just want to try wearing panties and because they feel comfortable you want to keep at it. There are ways to show her that confidence, that you are not going through any major changes and still be there for her. Same goes for a woman or a girl, you need to show some confidence that he is there for you. Both the partners here need to understand each other, both showing confidence in each other and co-operation to try something new, making sure nothing else in their relationship gets effected.

Dear men, when you realize that this curiosity is never ending and only leading to the next one…which may happen to be exploring yourself as bi-sexual or gay, still there is nothing wrong with it. The sooner you realize it the better for you and your partner both.

Just one thing, be sure of what you choose and what you do. Either you get into a relationship after understanding exactly who you are and what you like, instead of hurting someone else’s feelings and breaking next heart, or look for a person who really understands you before going to make that long term commitment. And if you are already, in a relationship, offer your partner so much love, efforts, attention and care that they show confidence in what you are trying to do won’t hurt them or this relationship.

It is rather wiser sometimes to not go down the road if you are too scared of being lost, let your imaginations run wildlyManPanties down that road, instead of the real you.

And dear ladies, remember – how much buying products that will donate a dollar to breast cancer research and cure – is important to us. Men wanting to try panties may demand some similar support, as it is equally important to them, when they really get curious about it. After listening about the experiences that my husband and a few of my male friends shared with me, I honestly think there is no fashion when it comes to men’s clothing – inside or outside. Your partner may need some support in order to wear something different, or feel lighter and swifter sometimes, which is why they may want to give up wearing sweater like boxers with a giant waist band or saggy pants, which they think make them look cool out there.

Let not a relationship fail for a reason that may not even truly exist as an issue between you two. There are times and there are matters that should be taken seriously, for the rest let it be play time.

Last but not the least, STOP JUDGING others from just what your eyes see. There is a lot more to everyone around you. I feel the need to mention here that it is not always the women, who judge the men who wear panties, many may not even give a damn as long as they get the right and respectful treatment. I feel at some point, there are few men who judge other men more than any women would, upon what they like to wear.

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….and for this week I owe you a fresh, hot erotic story, coming up shortly.

Thankfully yours,

- Jessica.


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