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Love for sale (Erotic Long Story)

Published November 17, 2013 by jessicamendez

Hahaha….this time I titled it long story coz this may really feel like a long story.Image

I know you all have a good reason to be upset with me. I am in Canada right now and have a lot of pressure of work on my head. I was able to write more often when I was in America. So sorry to all the readers/fans of this blog for updating it so late, I have sooooo much to say.

Thank you all for so much love and support that this blog is getting every next day. It has already got about 70,000 visitors/views. which sort of proves that “Men wearing panties” is very common now.

Like I said before, I have a lot to say, so I will save it all for later. For now, I am going to post a story below, which I hope satisfies you and accompanies you in those lonely nights. I had been working on this story for far too long. Almost a month ago I started writing it, it started taking its own toll. Characters kept acting weird  in my head, they were going out of my control, they wanted to do their own thing, so the story went through lots of changes and evolved into something you are about to read. Hope you all will like it.

So many men write me about panties are best for them. But lately, lots of ladies and transexuals had been writing me as well, showing all their love and support for this blog. For the fans who keep asking me about the book, I’m very sorry to disappoint you, but for now the story has been put on a back burner, but till I get back to that, until then I promise you stories like the one below.

Have a good time reading….and watch out its a long one! so find time to read it. lol.

Thank you my friend Charles Leach, for updating awesome pics on facebook and letting me re-use em for my blog.

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Love for sale

“How far you can go?”

“I wanna see someone giving me money for sex.”

“How do you find that satisfying?”

“I don’t know. At times, I just think it’s my fetish. The one that I find hard to experience or discover to be true.” She rolled her body under the white sheets – moving into a position – hugging her right cheek onto Neil’s chest. “The thought of it makes me feel that I stooped so low in my life for the need of money that I wouldn’t hesitate selling myself. I think that thought gives me sort of a kick.”


“I don’t think I can ever give you money after sex.” Neil got out of the bed, absolutely ignoring Gia approaching to his cock with her mouth wide open. “You may have to find another man who can satisfy you in that area. Anything else and I’m game, you know that right hun?”

“C’mon, it was just some idea on the back of my head. Something like you asked and I said.” Gia stood by the other side of the bed, her glasslike beauty – so clear and soft – in front of Neil, the view that he can never get enough of. “Anyways I’m gonna go. See you at the club tonight.”






“6000 dollars? How am I suppose to come up with that kind of money in 2 days?” Gia did not want to yell, but lately she wasn’t exactly an in-charge of her own.

“That is your problem. If I do not get my money, you remember that in the past I’ve had you doing nastiest things with me, on tape.” Neil was firm. Gia did not bother anymore to try sniffing for that last drop of mercy in him. “You wouldn’t want those videos on the internet, would you?”

A week ago this sex addicted couple, who shared a committed yet an open relationship for over a year, was talking about being together forever by tying the knot. But this heated short conversation happening right outside the club at 1am, reflected an upcoming and possibly a worst break up scenario Gia ever imagined in her life. Neil suddenly did not seem to be the one, who would be sad about the separation at all, if that happens. Somehow he had started sounding like, all he cared about was the money Gia owed him.

I should’ve been smarter, Gia thought as she stood outside the bar waving Neil a single ended good bye. She wanted to rush back into the loudness and the darkness again.

And so she did.

She let the music take over from there, while she yelled at the bar-tender for a couple shots of tequila.

“Make it four!” The scream scrubbed her ears mercilessly. “What’s up gal? Remember me? Malini?”





Shots went in and the girls went out.

“Malini? I’m sorry I really don’t remember you. Have we met before?”

“We went to school together Miss Gia Tipton, you don’t remember me?” Malini kissed on both her cheeks. The touch of her lips felt familiar yet strange, literally, for this play girl. But she knew even her last name. Must be the alcohol, Gia thought. “I remember everything about you. Weren’t you the only cheerleader who managed to get into Richard’s pants?”

“Shhh! Ok! Ok! I believe you know me. But honestly please accept my apologies, it’s been 7 years. I’m very sorry if I ignored you so much back then that I have no memory of you.”

“Hey no! Not your fault. I was very irregular with the classes. I was very reserved kind as well. So, you need a ride tonight?”






After almost a week, today, she had chosen to come home from work, instead of ending at Neil’s place. Gia threw her 5 feet 7 inches of misbehaving model body, on her bed. She had enough for the day, she knew, as she rolled in the bed trying to calm her head, that did not stop hurting since she was up early that morning, with hangover.

Twisting and turning did not prove suffice. Getting into her short nighty and her favorite micro g-string, wasn’t very comforting tonight. Nothing helped lowering the pressure on her shoulders. She wasn’t able to pass out. She knew she had to process something through her head to earn any sleep. She crawled her body upward to adjust her head onto the pillow. Smooth bed sheets rubbing her exposed back and thighs, finally reminded her the feeling of someone caressing her.

Naughty thoughts will help at all? She remembered how she had continued her streak of dirty fantasies flashing through her mind, all day.

Laying under the sheets in her bed, she started thinking about men who tempted her the most, but somehow nothing had happened so far between them and her. She looked down at her thighs and her fingers dancing on them, tempted to dive into her pussy, thinking how Emeril’s monster cock always wanted to find a way into her panties! She wondered why she never took the chance.

As she turned to her left, she caught a reflection of herself – half naked. Studying her body that time, helped her realize why Adam – who she went to highschool with – is always after her, offering her money to catch her naked on tape, and even better – in action – if he is lucky enough. Her thoughts only paced and directed her wandering hands, to proceed upwards from her thighs. As she touched herself further, she sensed the flood about to escape out of her.

She wanted to cum…so bad!

Felling helpless, she surrendered to the always self-updating collection of random fantasies in her head, where she imagined herself in the bed with Malini, as she let herself go, with her legs weakening while she clutched roughly onto the soft sheets.

Malini was her college friend that Gia met at the club the night before. That night, While Malini gave Gia a ride home, she had offered Gia, a good price to put on a show for herself and her lover. This had came like a surprise to Gia.

What would they get out of watching me have sex? She thought. Her mind continued questioning herself, if it was even possible for anyone, to watch someone have sex and get turned on with it.





4She went to bed thinking about it, and so she woke up dreaming about it. Waking up wide, she crawled her hand under the sheets, between her legs, feeling her g-string all wet. She wasn’t surprised as this was not the first time she played with herself, when asleep and dreaming.

She was in worse of a shape today, than she was the day before. She woke up and came down into the kitchen. She poured cereal in a bowl but instead of pouring milk over it, she chugged it straight from the pack. She wasn’t done thinking things through yet, which was evident for any of her stalkers, being part of that moment. As she stared at the bowl of cereal something had started building in her head. But she wanted to have another orgasm.





She let her little nighty slip down and off her body. She reached inside the shower to turn on the knob and waited for the hot water. Again she was lost staring at the running water pouring down the drain – while she gently pushed down the strings of her panty – she felt, how similarly she is trapped like that water, only option left was to run down the drain, and all that just because of a stupid mistake called Neil.

She smelled her panties looking for a submissive sign of all her remembrances the night before. All those dirty thoughts secretly enwrapping some of her fantasies and possibly an escape out of the trouble.

She recalled the time – few months ago – when moving in with Neil. It was her call to sign on a paper and committing to pay her share of rent to Neil, when she was unemployed for 3 months. She could have listened to her mother and moved in with her instead, she thought.

She should have.

She would have if she admittedly, wasn’t so much addicted to sex. Her addiction was not Neil, like her best friends always thought. It was sex and Gia knew it all along, just too afraid to admit it out loud. Neil was the only one she had met in a long time, who can keep her sexually satisfied. Being a sex addict, Neil was not any different from Gia, and that was the reason why she hung on to him for so long.

As the water warmed up, she stepped into the shower. As the multiple streams of hot water hit her cheeks and her upper chest, the warmth of the water sprinkling down, reminded her of all the loads of cum that had landed on her face.

Every time since her first blow job, her level of satisfaction was only pushed further. Letting the water hit and run over her bare breasts, she remembered the party where she met those 4 exchange students from school – which included Richard – who entertained her all night. That is when she had met Neil for the first time. He was one of them too. The images of his big cock came alive again in Gia’s head and so her hand started to reach for her pussy.

Yes! Again!

As she thought about the way her first meeting ended with Neil and a married couple, who they both had met the same night, that long waited flood found a way out of her pussy. Which proved as a gift, as it also brought a spark-like idea in her head.

Suddenly she knew what she had to do. She found Malini’s number, from the text message that Malini had left her.


“So, I was calling to let you know that I thought about what you said last night, you know the whole watching me have sex thing! I will do it for you guys.”

“I don’t think you can anymore, babes.” Malini said. “Last night me and my boyfriend were talking. I think somehow I had misunderstood his idea. He not only want to see you have sex, he wants to have sex with you as well. And I don’t think, you would be up for it and I don’t blame you hun. I understand.”

“I need help.” Gia did not hesitate this time. “I want to do this for money. Whatever you can give me, tell him.”

“Wow! Just like that?” Malini was wide awake now. “Are you sure you want to do this sweety? I mean, to be honest with you, I wanted you just as much as my boyfriend did. I will double the money. I will give you 2000 dollars, but promise me not to bail out. It’s his birthday tomorrow. I want to surprise him.”

Gia was caught thinking now, whether to break up with Neil or give him more time. If she does not break up with Neil and has sex with someone else, that would be cheating, she thought. She corrected her own thought by reminding herself, that her and Neil were in an open relationship and both were free to sleep with anyone. Then why was this thought of cheating there in her head?

Is that love, she doubted? But too soon the words slipped out of her mouth, “Where do you live?”

“945, Meadowfield drive.” Malini said, “Can you come around 11 tomorrow night?”

“I’ll be there.”

Gia hung up and took a deep breath. She changed her mind again, as she re-thought the whole act of trying to sell her body for sex. She doubted herself if she was doing this for money that she needed to give to Neil, or was she down for another fun ride of exploring new fetishes that she may be fond of and even addicted to, in future. Her growing addiction for sex had lead her to this now, she thought.

She had made her mind to break up with Neil as she will be cheating on him if she does something this crazy keeping him totally unaware of the situation. But then again, lately Neil had been mean to her anyways, she thought, asking about 6000 dollars all together. She remembered she still have to manage the money.

She looked up Emeril and Adam in her phonebook. And after a short and to the point conversation with them, she knew if everything goes as per her plan, she will be throwing the money on Neil’s face soon and shut him up forever.






It was dark. Too quiet than it should be.

She hung up on Adam, as he confirmed that he was set with the camera. It creeped her that she was not able to see where Adam is hiding on the street. She walked further on the Meadowfield drive and saw the brown garbage can outside the house no. 937. She looked inside it and as Adam had promised her she found a small pouch. She opened it and counted the money. It was 3000 dollars. She knew she could trust Adam.

Faithful stalker!

She walked further, as the breeze caressed her naked legs. She stopped outside house no.945 and saw the small white entrance on the side of the house. She opened the small wooden gate and entered. As she walked further in, she saw the grass. She kept heading further in and eventually to the backyard. Her eyes found Emeril standing by the pool.

She could not see his face but only his back. But his 6 feet tall and strong body, with shoulder length brown curls were enough for her to identify him in the dim light. She turned around and looked upward towards the windows facing the back of the house. Shadows moved and the blinds shifted a little confirming that Malini and her lover must have got their seats, or more like bed and must be ready for the show. It was her turn now.

She walked further towards Emeril. Emeril turned around.

He smelled her, she thought, as she heard him taking a deep breath using his sniffer. She had never been with a pornstar before. It actually didn’t matter to her. She never watched a porn starring Emeril, but her friends talking about Emeril’s cock was just enough to get her into this.

“You ready to be my bitch?”

“YESSS!” she hissed into Emeril’s ears.

He grabbed and pulled on her hair, as a slight scream escaped from her lips. He directed her head down into his crouch, bending her body, sticking her butt out and back. He unzipped his pants, letting his big cock fall out for her to eat, as he gripped tightly onto her hair. He started pushing in and out into her mouth now.

Emeril couldn’t resist her round ass being covered. As Gia savored his pre-cum, he pushed deeper into her throat pulling her skirt up exposing her blue floral printed cotton thong. He pulled hard onto the elastic band that tore off her panty into two. Her skirt hung around her waist like a lose belt. He pulled out of her mouth and as their eyes met, he slapped her. Gia got scared. She started feeling a bit of cold inside.

She missed Neil’s warmth. She was threatened with her bare breasts popping lose out-front, as Emeril ripped her tank top into pieces as well.

Emeril grabbed her closer pulling onto her skirt and whispered, “This is just my way, if this is too much for you, feel free to ask me to stop, anytime.”

A beast with a dash of mercy, this felt perfect to Gia. Without wasting a moment she got onto her knees. Pulling his pants down like attacking onto a feast, she rolled her lips around his huge cock, that was almost tearing off Gia’s little mouth.

He turned her around, bending her over, pushed his hard cock deep inside her dripping hole. It made her scream but also got her asking for more. Gia had been with a lot of men – out of which only she knew who she really was proud of – but a pornstar like Emeril was her fantasy come true.

“Fuck me!” Gia repeated this a few times, as Emeril kept probing his cock into her, while Gia tried all she could to forget about Neil.

Emeril pulled himself out of her. Hurting her scalp, Emeril strongly pulled her head back towards him to put his cock into Gia’s mouth again. Gia was merely controlling her body. She had been more of a slave, following the instructions. Emeril released his warm load of cum into Gia’s wide open mouth, taking a sign of how thirsty her tongue must be for sticking out like that.

Hope, Adam got this on tape alright, Gia thought.

“Enough!” Malini screamed out of the window. “Get up here! Now.”

Gia started walking closer to the back door of the house, with absolutely no coverings left on her body.






Gia was blindfolded, but she felt a cock trying to find its way into her mouth. She remembered, Malini telling her about her boyfriend wanting to have sex with her. Gia opened her mouth wide, taking just another cock inside. All she cared was the taste she was getting to enjoy of the pre-cum.

She felt a feminine touch on her breasts and her crouch, while she continued sucking onto a cock offered to her.

Her senses told her that was “Malini.”

Malini helped Gia, position herself onto a cock. As Gia felt the cock getting inserted into her pussy now.  She started visualising about Emeril again. She knew Adam was not filming her anymore as she was into the house now, while Adam was left behind on the street.

While Gia was riding the cock – helping herself to a couple of orgasms – Malini grabbed Gia’s breasts from behind. Suddenly Gia felt something getting inserted into her butt-hole. She had always enjoyed being double penetrated.

She felt a finger and then two, lubing her ass-hole, which did not help much going further, as whatever had got inserted into her anus was too big for her to take. Thinking about Malini with a strap-on, kept inspiring Gia to go with the flow.

Bearing with the pain she felt in the beginning, she continued rocking back and forth. The penis was inserted too deep into her anus now. Suddenly she felt the rocking movements coming from Malini’s body too. Gia chose to play along. And then she came again. The intensity of her orgasm had left her shivering for few minutes.

She removed her blindfold, just out of curiosity. She always liked a girl with a strap-on, but turns out Malini did not have anything on. She had been going au natural on her for about 15 minutes, now.

This was not the only shocking thing for Gia. She had just managed to look away from Malini fucking her ass, only to discover that Adam had been fucking her pussy all along, right under her nose, literally.

With too much disturbing truth being discovered, Gia freaked out like any  one else would have. Gia got off from Adam and out of the bed.

She took a good long look at Malini’s femme body with 36C breasts, and a 7 inch big cock. No wonder she did not remember Malini from school.

“Who the hell are you?” Gia yelled, grabbing the sheets to cover her naked body.

“I’m Richard. I thought you will remember me, when you feel my cock.”


“You know you still have got the same body, you used to shake in the half time of every game.”

“How could…? Why? Oh My God! How?” Gia did not get over fumbling till she stopped to breath. “Adam! What the fuck is going on? And Richard, you look like a girl! Oh my god!” With every word slipping out of her mouth made her take a baby-step backwards and away from them. “You guys tricked me into this?”

“There ain’t no trick hun. We told you and so we will pay you. There’s your money on the table.” Richard said. “Nothing like we lied to you. Adam did make a tape of you and Emeril, from right here. He is my boy friend and we both wanted to have sex with you.”

Gia only stayed quiet, staring at them both intermittently.Image

Adam and Richard walked closer to her. Richard faced her, while Adam walked around and stopped behind her. They both brought their bodies closer sandwiching Gia in between.

Gia felt Adam and Richard’s hard cocks poking her pussy lips and her butt. Right then Richard looked deep into Gia’s eyes and said, “There’s a reason why you were the only lucky girl in the school who got to have sex with me. You always had been this irresistibly beautiful. Those were the days when I had affair with Jim from our class, while I was totally unaware that Adam used to like me a lot. Later, I realized that I wasn’t gay. I liked girls and guys both. But I always wanted to look like a girl and so I went through this transformation. Does everything make sense now?” Richard pushed his cock deep into Gia’s pussy again. “Oh and just so you know, Adam is my boyfriend. We planned this together.”

Gia moaned as her ass got stuffed with Adam’s big cock. She had Adam filling her ass and Malini fucking her slit.

Adam started masssaging Gia’s clit with increasing pressure from behind. Gia screamed as she squirted all over the floor with the two cocks penetrating in her holes. Adam laid her down on the bed as him and Malini finished themselves off, all over Gia’s face.

When Gia woke up she saw Malini in a sky blue dress and Adam pulling his pants back on. Her eyes caught a sight that made her think that she was still asleep and dreaming. She saw Neil, on the table, pouring drinks for himself, Adam and Malini.

Adam and Malini left the bedroom and then the house too.

“What’s going on?” Gia asked Neil with anger over-flowing through her eyes.

“Welcome to our new home baby!”

“New home?” Gia was surprised.

“Yes. This is our new home. Here we will be living after our marriage.”

“What marriage?” Gia asked.

“Will you marry me baby?” Neil asked, getting on his knee. “Please don’t say no!”

“Oh my god! Oh SHIT! Shit.”

“But what about Adam and Neil?”

“Well, I was the one who got them into this. I wanted you to feel more satisfied. If sex is what connects us, then be the best of it for you.”

Sweet sexy challenges (Erotic short story)

Published September 15, 2013 by jessicamendez

Hello every one,

(At the end of this blog, find more info on halloween ideas)

Hope you all are ready for a great weekend ahead. Once more, I must say my favorite words, “Thank You all for so much love and support!” This blog has scored almost 35,000 views in a very short time. I guess talking about MWP helped me a lot with that.

cover for fbLately there had been an increasing number of female readers about MWP (good new for those guys out there, who are waiting to tell their loved ones) and other erotic stories, which I was able to find out through their e-mails, which I did not get as many earlier when this blog started. Straight, Gay, Single, Couple, MWP, Xdressers, Wives and girlfriends of xdressers – I read e-mails from all kind of readers around the world, and it only makes me feel good for having reached them.

Word is in the air, literally.

I would just like to make it clear, that I am not a doctor/psychiatrist – who is the right person to answer about your personal problems. I feel very special when you seek sexual/relationship advice and come to ask me, I would love to help everyone, but some questions and answers are better addressed to the right person, who are experts in it. I am happy that some readers ask me almost anything, besides the blog/writing/reading/story part, but because I would not like to misguide you with my opinion, I am suggesting you this.

And now, moving to the story part. This time I bring you a bigger, better story. Almost 3000 words. If I must tell you, there are writers who charge you a dollar, offering you a cheapest possible e-book, but sell you a short story merely 2000 words long. I guarantee, I am giving you a lot more than that for free. But, that is only because, your love and support for this blog/page, deserves it. perfect_nude_body_in_the_dark

Following story is about throwing your partner a challenge/dare relating to sexual acts. From there it turns to a different point, and then again to something more different….(I really hope you find it as interesting as I thought it should turn out….if not that will be a bummer on my part. LMFAO)….because it starts with one theme and flows to another and then another….I can confidently say that following story is dedicated specially to the readers listed below : (summing up variety of requests/fantasies into one story)

  • David F., Jessica L., Yazmin B., Yanik W. (From UK)
  • Marilyn B, Jacob J, Samantha P, Nicole D, Mallika M (From The States)
  • Younis A, Ray J, Sunny I, Colin F (From Canada)
  • Malik B, Aparna S, Seema B, Mani B, Karma P, Premila W, (From India)
  • Iris B (Brazil)
  • Lyla O.(Latvia)
  • Magdalena P, Erica E., Sandy M, (France)

That’s quite a long list! Many of you have sent more requests, I usually like to put together 2 or more fantasies which helps me introduce some twists in the story, so please be patient and I will do my best to write and publish here, what you wish to read on those lonely nights. so, here goes…


I put the phone down, as soon as he entered my office. I was shocked, not only that he was in town, but he was calling me after entering the building, where I work at.

He looked different. A lot different.

“Wow, you have changed a lot” I said.

“People change. After all it has been 6 months.” He said.

He had a suit on this time. Apparently he wasn’t lying to me on the phone when he said, he is back in town as he has found a better job. Denim and t-shirt wearing Eric that I knew was gone. He was not just some flirt of the town.

He rushed to me, slamming the door behind, locking it. He grabbed my face with his palms, as I breathed in his aquatic cologne. Shadows kept moving as usual outside my office. Blurry, I could see through the windows, semi covered with half open blinds.

I kneeled onto my desk, as he pushed his body against mine. This was the day I could name my desk, I thought. I was wrong. He lifted my half a feet shorter and a hundred pounds lighter body and threw it on the couch by the windows, before he jumped onto it.

erotic-pose-2-gillian-charters-barnesHe looked deep inside my hazel eyes, as his fingers pressed through my scalp, grabbing my short blonde hair. His eyes, flooded with growing love, unlike when we met first time at the bar, before I took him home.

“I had a bad craving for you since the day I left,” he said, opening his belt and his pants. I saw his cock jumped out of his shorts, as he lowered those coverings. He threw his suit on the floor as I unbuttoned his shirt. “You don’t find this challenging at all, do you? I gotta make this worse next time.”

“Well, you underestimated me. I guess.” I said, as he reminded me how he challenged me on the phone last week to let him fuck me in my office, during my work hours. “You are gonna make me 500 dollars richer now, I guess.”

He pulled my skirt high, snatched my brown lacy panty from the side of my hips, tearing it open. He shoved his desperate cock inside my wet pussy, as our bodies started rocking seeking for a rhythm, which didn’t take more than a few seconds, as he went deep within me.

I slid gently onto the floor, from the couch and got on my knees. Opening my pink shirt, I freed my breasts, as I removed my bra. I let my tongue lose, rolling onto his cock, savoring the concoction of my juices and his pre-cum ,as he sat there on the couch with his legs open, inviting my head in between. His hands came grabbing my hair again, pushed his cock deeper into my throat.


I lost my vision for the time his penis chocked me. I gasped for air. My eyes flooded, messing up my mascara and the blush, that sat there for more than 6 hours now. He pulled his cock out. It only had got bigger from the rush he got out of watching me choke.

He turned me around, he got off the couch. He pushed me onto my desk. My body flung few feet away from him, my legs somehow managing to control it from falling. Now, it was time when I could name my desk.

He came from behind me, and started rubbing his cock onto my clit. He grabbed my right leg, bend it and rested it onto the desk, while I stood helplessly and bottomless with my bare back. My left leg was shaking, trying to stay stable over the lonesome red hill, missing its pair, hanging lose somewhere in the air. I looked back, only 2 things could come to my sight. My torn panty still hung there onto my right thigh and a blurry image of Eric’s big cock about to enter me.

“Oh….,” he pushed his cock in me barbarously. “Fuck me! Rip my pussy, Eric!”

He was brutal. He was showing no mercy. He grabbed my hair and pulling me towards his body, his other hand kept squeezing my breasts, as I came and again and again, until he squirted himself inside me, and finally spared me.1235194_191159354399752_161696019_n

“Are you still single?” He asked, putting 500 dollars cash on my desk. He bent to reach the files and papers off the floor. Fixing my desk back into its shape he asked, “Would you mind me living with you till I am in town? We can probably, carry on this game.”

“What made you become so good?” I murmured, putting the money in my purse. “You can stay. This time we use different beds though. I hope you realize it’s not the same.”

Eric and I were in a committed relationship for about a year. Until, 6 months ago we broke up as he had to move to another city for studies. It was a wise decision. From a package delivery boy, that little course he studied had made him a man wearing a suit. Totally worth it. About a month ago, he had called me over the phone, when he decided that he will be coming back in town again. That is when we thought of becoming fuck buddies and challenge each other by turning our wildest dreams into reality. First time he dared me to have sex with him, in my office. I won 500 bucks fair and square.

Now, it was my turn to challenge him. I was not letting him go lose. I started thinking of the possible ways, to put him into a challenge, where I can fulfill my long waited sexual fantasies. But, just to make it dirtier I thought to meet Devine, my friend, who hooked us up the first time we met in the bar.

“You want a beer?” Devine asked me, almost screaming on top of her lungs, as the music was too loud. “Beer, Beer! Do you want beer?” she pointed at her empty bottle.

“I’m too drunk. Take me home.” I managed to say it into her right ear, without throwing up in it.

I was wasted.

camelia_02_bShe pulled my hand and led me into her car. Her leading me? It was only making me horny, as she held tightly onto my wrist. I always liked Devine. I thought to try my luck tonight, if I can get some of her. As she helped me onto the car seat, I pulled onto her, making her fall on top of me, and I pressed my lips with hers.

“Oops! I’m sorry babe.” Devine said, as she hesitated going any further and got back on her feet, but the way I felt, she had kissed me back. “Better get you home soon.” She shut the door, tucking me behind the seat belt. She walked over to the driver’s seat and asked me, “Do you want to stay at my place tonight?”

I remember that I had said yes to that question, but next thing I remember was waking up in the morning in her PJ’s, in her bed. Either we did nothing, or I was too drunk to feel any of that.

“I think asking Eric to have sex with you in a club – full of people on a Saturday night – will be awesome.” Devine said, holding a cup full of black coffee at me. “Offer him 500 dollars for this dare.”

“What?” I tried to open my eyes wider, “What are you talking about?”

“You know you asked me last night, to dare Eric into something naughty and adventurous.”

“I did?”

“That’s the whole point you wanted to meet me, remember?”

“Oh yes!” I actually was still not sure what she was talking about, but I slowly woke up and realized what she was trying to say and that is exactly what I asked Eric to do, when I got back home.

And he accepted the challenge.

“Hey! So, he said yes, we’re meeting at the club X, but he said he will be late.” I said over the phone, while I put on my lipstick. “Would you mind giving me a company till he shows up?”1185731_191156374400050_1747295195_n

“You know what, I’m not too sure. I am also going to another house party. If I could I’ll be there. Will give you a call.” Devine said, before she hung up on me.

I entered the club. It was 1130pm. Apparently, there was something special about tonight. This club had a lot of people on a Saturday night, but tonight the crowd had populated to almost double. Chances of Eric having sex with me here, was almost none. It kind of made me feel good for proving him as a loser, to revenge with him for the time he broke up with me. On the other hand, I was disappointed for not having my fantasy come true.

I texted Devine, “I want you here.” There was more than I wanted to tell her in that message, but I tried to keep it short. I decided if not Eric, I will go home with Devine again tonight. I had looked forward to this night and I am not going to bed disappointed. Either Eric or Devine. I was determined to have sex tonight, no matter with which one of them. If Devine had touched me the other night, she would definitely do that tonight, and if she didn’t, tonight I will make her.

“Hey!” Devine said. “I was already on my way in here, when I got your message.”

I heard more than she had said. And so, I made my mind.

“Do you wanna dance?”


Two of us, were crossing all the limits in touching another person on a dance floor. Her fingers – touching my exposed thighs under my skirt and pressing on my back through my see through shirt – was telling me everything that must have happened between us, when I went home with her.

“I want you again tonight!” She said it. The words I was waiting to hear. “I want you to get wasted, as I like taking advantage of you.”

“I will be right back” I said, and I went to the bar. I liked the feeling of her using me, when I am vulnerable. I took a good look at her dancing on the floor, her little skin tight blue dress, was exposing all her womanly curves. Her juicy breasts, her well-rounded ass almost dropping out of her dress. I took 3 shots of patron and got ready to get wasted and being used in her bed.

190047_582984798389313_1932687124_nI think I should have only had 1 shot or 2, to the most. My vision was already blurred. A memory flashed before my eyes, when a month ago I was banned from a bar for passing out on a couch 3 times in a month, while music was blaring loud and everyone else was doing fine even till 12:30am.

I think I was losing my balance on my way back to the floor. I could not spot Devine anywhere. I tried hard, but when nothing worked I let myself collapse.

“Eric?” I asked feeling his presence, as those strong arms held me strongly before I hit the floor. “You finally came.”

“No Eric here darling,” a husky female voice said, “I’m Shanice.” She pulled my arm around her head, holding my arm over her shoulders, she led me to the girls room. “You’ve gotta do something gross okay. Put your fingers in your throat till you throw up. I think you had too much baby.”

“I’m Vanessa.” I gave her my name as she sounded like a caring person. “Nice to meet you Shanice.”

“Baby, just keep walking okay.” Her husky voice was starting to sound sharper now. “Move away please! People. Please? Thank you! Coming through.”

She helped me kneeling over the toilet holding me up in the air, strongly grabbing my arms from my biceps, trying to avoid my knees touching the bathroom floor. I threw up and started feeling better and lighter.

“Take your time sweety!” She said, as I wondered how come a stranger can be so caring. She could sense that I was done, she helped me stand straight and whispered into my ears, “I was talking to your friend earlier. She said, I can drop you home. But I may even stay, if you don’t mind. After all, I helped you, didn’t I?”

I’m not sure how ugly I was looking at that time, but I said yes, spreading the joy across my face. I was going to be double used after all.

“Mind if I go for a test drive first?” she asked. I had no idea what that meant, until she started touching me on my thighs, moving upwards. She closed the door of the stall and locked it. There were girls moving in and out of the washroom. I was wasted and I of them girls was using me.

She pulled my thong down and let it drop on the floor.

“Forget about that one now, it’s too dirty down there”, she said in a husky female voice again. I was really having hard time to see her and hear her. “You want to see what my tongue can do?”

I was already too excited. I did not bother. She sat down bending her legs. She pushed me towards the wall and grabbed my legs over her shoulders, as she opened my legs. She pushed her tongue deep inside me. I started opening my shirt. After she was done tasting me, she stood up and grabbed onto my tits letting them hang open through my bralette. She sucked on them. The pleasure, it started bringing me back to my senses.

Suddenly I felt like 3 fingers together playing with my clit. She kept sucking onto my tits. I looked down my vision started becoming my 6119_508484899172637_389031772_nclear again. She was pretty. Her auburn curls, were about shoulder length. She had big eyes, covered with blue eye shadows. She was wearing a black little dress with spaghetti straps, through which I saw pink bra straps. Her hand grabbed my butt, squeezing it, while her other hand started squeezing my breasts. I could still feel her fingers going in and out of me. I wondered if she had a strap on with her. I again started blurring out, as I had an orgasm, followed by another and another.

Shanice let me down. I grabbed onto the door as she walked out of the room. I yelled her name, but she did not stay. Suddenly I saw Devine running towards me as I stepped out of the stall.

“Where did you go?” Devine asked me. She looked concerned. “I looked for you everywhere.”

“I was with your friend.” I managed to tell her.

“What friend?” She came close to me, and grabbed me, helping me staying on my heels. “you sent her to help me.”

“No!” she yelled, “Who the hell are you talking about?”

And I passed out.


I woke up, with the sound of curtains moving. The sunshine flashed onto my eyes. I closed them as soon as I opened them.

“Did you sleep okay?” Eric said. “Did you have too much? Why you were not replying my texts?”

“Yes. My head is hurting.” I grabbed my forehead with my fingers, trying to squeeze it between them. “Sorry baby. The music was too loud. I didn’t hear my phone.” I managed to get out of my bed. I noticed I was only wearing a black cotton panty and a short pink tank top, which Eric knew was my favorite. “Thanks for your help baby. I’m so sorry for all the trouble.”

“That’s okay. I’ve to go to see a friend.” He said, as he put a cup of black coffee for me on the dresser. “Have some coffee and when you feel better, put my 500 dollars on the table.” He left the room.

I tried to figure out the meaning of the words coming out of his mouth, hammering my ears. I reached for my coffee that he left for me on the dresser. I saw a wig made of auburn hair sitting next to it. I picked it up, hanging it in front of me I had a memory flashed in front of my eyes, about Shanice’s hair. I put the wig down, wondering what it was doing there!

500 dollars? I thought. I ran out to the living room, trying to catch Eric before he leaves.

“What 500 dollars you are talking about?” I followed him to the door.

“I finished my challenge last night.” He said. “You owe me the money.”

“Tha…t, that was..yoo…u?” I stammered. “You dressed up like a girl to fuck me?”

“People change. After all it’s been 6 months.” He said, as he shut the door behind.


The next blog will tell you a lot more about kinky ideas for the coming halloween, and another big event coming after MWP that we all celebrated on 20th July 2013. Please keep an eye here for more details soon.

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- Jessica.

Erotic Short Story (Strangers/Outdoor/Park/Dark Night – sex).

Published August 25, 2013 by jessicamendez

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As you can see I have put few words in the title, that is for you know what to expect out of this story. I may continue that, depending on your feedback.

Had lovely feedback about the previous stories. Something that caught my eye – out of many responses/e-mails – was someone asking me if I edit/proofread my stories. or Do I originally write in a language other than English and simply put here after translation?

Well, that was a question I must answer. Because of not being a full time writer yet, I am finding hard to give enough time after blogs and the book. So, often when I do an erotic short story, I am basically trying to meet the request that I have received in e-mails, but to not rush the perfection today I am going to try a bit hard. (Actually I started writing this blog 3 days ago, but to be determined to give you a better reading and more excitement I stretched this blog-work a bit more to 3 days. LOL. …I know right!!!)

Before we get to the erotic short story that I have for you this time…I must thank you all for the support and the e-mails you all keep sending me; asking questions and giving me so many compliments.

There had been a big increase in a number of women/females/girls sending me e-mails asking me about “men wearing panties” being so normal. Some of those ladies were saying that their ex used to be into it so much that it effected their relationship negatively, while others were showing willingness to show more support to their partner about letting “HIM” wear panties now on – because, they now feel that it is not that abnormal.

Anyways, before I get carried away writing everything else but the story…I better get to the story. So, here goes…


(Ooh, actually I forgot something important to say, the following story is a scene that I decided to delete from the book I am writing. Somehow, the situation didn’t seem to fit very well, neither it felt like suitable to the character I was trying to build. So, instead of letting it end up in the trash, why not serve it to you for free, while its still fresh and hot. Hope you all enjoy it.

The situation is – Jessica (protagonist) has heard her cocky bff talking about her great sexual experiences and now she wants to try having sex with a stranger, or lets say a matured man instead of some guy of her age. with an excuse of asking for a lighter for her cigarette she chased a stranger passing outside her house…and now they both ended up into the park, talking, smoking cigarette and some pot…and then they both have their way with each other.) 

190047_582984798389313_1932687124_n“There is nobody to watch us around here.” Adam looked deep into Jessica’s hazel eyes, as Jessica tucked a lock of her hair behind her right ear. With his voice loathed in lust he continued, “There is no one to hear you scream”.

Time flew away along with the smoke of the joint they just shared.

On a breezy night, at 3 am, Jessica and Adam found themselves alone intentionally trapped in a park. Tonight Jessica didn’t have to worry about waking up her neighbor, like she did few times in the last week – while she tried to have some fun – in this town absolutely strange to her.

She got on her knees.

The roughness of the rug, she got used to feel on her knees, in the hotel room – always excited her. Tonight it merely felt being replaced as she felt the grass and the sand scouring her soft skin. Jessica unzipped Adam’s pants, dropping them on the ground.

She felt his bulging penis with her soft hands. Losing her patience she pulled his shorts down next and grabbed his now so juicy looking hard cock, between her maroon lips. While enjoying all the licking and sucking, Jessica wrapped her hand around Adam’s growing penis.

It is so big,” she thought as his pre-cum along with her saliva oozed out, escaping from her lips.

She realized that his cock, which she could grab with one hand a minute earlier had now grown big enough to require two hands, to completely hold it.

After savoring Adam’s cock for a good 10 minutes, Jessica stood up swallowing his pre-cum and some more sticking around her lips, with her tongue rolling all over them. Lately this had become her favorite way to smear her lipstick.

In this reticent park, enrobing the darkness, they could hear nothing but each other’s breaths growing heavier every next minute. She slowly starts walking away from Adam.

Adam’s potted eyes, did not want to miss a thing.

Exhibiting all her feminine assets – which she was always proud of – she kept walking away. She then took a pause,couple-sex-and-nude-sex-Sexy-group- to let her hands reach her back as she slowly unzipped her pink floral dress.

Adam gazed at her naked back, which was now only wrapped with what looked like a white straps of her bra. After walking about 10 feet away from Adam, she let her dress drop on the ground. She bent over giving Adam a full view of her toned legs topped with a round succulent ass, only parted with her white thong with a sheer lace border.

She picked up her dress and continued walking towards a tree in front of her. She hung her dress over the kneeling branch. She then turned around, offering Adam a good look at her half-naked body. As a cloud shied and ran away, finally some moon light was at Adam’s assistance.

Adam’s eyes opened wide now. He drooled over this 5 feet 6 inches tall brunette standing in front of her, half-naked. Her hair gently kissing her shoulders.

He started unwrapping himself out of his shirt and started walking closer to her. About 5 feet away from Jessica’s cock craving body, Adam was completely naked, staring at Jessica. His eyes feasting over her body. He walked closer and closer, allowing no room for air to pass between their two bodies.

Adam grabbed her wrists and spread her hands wide open, from the rest of her body, leaving her absolutely helpless and having herself surrender to Adam’s dirty mind.

Adam dived into her upper neck and started sucking on it. He moved upwards and now onto her left ear, biting it softly. Jessica started releasing slight moans out of pleasure, in the middle of the park where no one possibly could be hearing them. Adam moved lower on her neck, he started kissing on Jessica’s chest.

Adam released her hands and started playing with the straps of Jessica’s bra. He pulled the straps of her bra down her shoulders as he kept kissing all over her chest. Adam reached his hands on Jessica’s back and pushed her closer into his body, kissing Jessica on her already wet lips.

Meanwhile Adam unhooked her bra.

The bra dropped down bouncing off Jessica breasts as they freed. Adam moved his lips over Jessica’s areolas and started nibbling over her erecting nipples. They were only erecting a bit more with every time Adam bit them or squeezed those very young breasts.

perfect_nude_body_in_the_darkAdam started lowering himself, as he moved to Jessica’s abdomen. To end Jessica’s craving, which was way more than she had for a cigarette, she grabbed Jessica’s thong and slowly started unrolling it down her legs. The thong rolled into an 8 shaped ring as it dropped on the floor.

Adam could smell Jessica’s pussy that was releasing juices. He could also feel the increase in the warmth, where he was about to bury his face, after her pussy was not covered with her cool panties anymore. Without waiting for another second Adam grabbed Jessica’s right leg and put it over his shoulder as he had his mouth find its way to Jessica’s pussy.

After savoring her pussy, Adam started probing into her.

“Fuck me like I am your lazy secretary who never gets the job done on time and show me how mad you are at me.” Jessica started telling her fantasies out to Adam.

Adam turns Jessica around, bent her over and fucked her from behind. For a good long time they enjoyed each other’s body – hugging them, squeezing them, moaning, kissing, fucking and cumming at the end.

He then pulled Jessica from her elbow, forcing her to turn around and face him. He grabbed Jessica’s both legs in the air and held them over his strong forearms. They started fucking and they kept on fucking with Jessica’s upper back and her head leaning onto the tree.

Jessica held Adam tightly in her arms, as she came – moaning and screaming, letting her body move in its own unique way as orgasm flooded through her.

She then got down. She was on her knees again.

She wrapped his cock with both her hands and started jerking it really hard, sucking it intermittently with her mouth wide open.

Adam’s abs squeezed in tightly, as he shot a big load of cum over Jessica’s lips and some on her bare breasts, while he groaned out of pleasure.


Train him for me !!!

Published August 11, 2013 by jessicamendez

“…and that is why you have to tell me clearly, what exactly you want from him?” Tara asked Brie.

“Well, you remember once in a bar I told you how I like to see my man?” Brie, finally gathers courage to tell Tara, “I want you to convince Dale to wear my panties in the bed.”

“What the…!!” Tara dropped her glass of chardonnay. Sensing that her best friend was losing it, Tara tried to convince herself about what she just heard, “You want me to…!”

“Yes, and I think that may bring that spark back in our lives.” Brie tried harder this time to convince Tara.

“Baby, you know I have tried all I can but going that far may be a challenge. I don’t know what all things I have to go through.”

“You have my permission. Do what it takes, but I want to see Dale in panties, next time when he decides to sleep with me. Besides, it may be easier than you think. He has made that mistake twice – he had said your name twice in bed, while fucking me, which tells me how much he may be into you.” Brie stood up and started walking 8644_578618195492640_958502614_ntowards the door. “Remember, you get your five grands, only after I am convinced.”

“Hey, Tara! What a nice surprise.” Dale’s eyes widened as he gazed at Tara standing in the middle of his office. “So, what brings you here today?”

“Well, I am planning a surprise for Brie. Her birthday is coming next month. Thought if we could spend some time with each other and figure out something special to do for her.” Tara’s words slipped out of her cherry red lips like music. This ordinary 30 something woman, walked closer to Dale appearing like the most desirable nubile and sat on a chair, exposing her round succulent breasts and her thighs through a little black dress that hugged her body tightly. Sitting in that chair, she shuts her blue eyes and took a deep breath, “I really love that cologne of yours.”

“Thanks! Uh… can I get you something? I can ask Chris. Would you like something to drink? Are you okay?”

“Haah, am I okay? Look at me Dale. Do you think I am okay…?”

Dale could easily sense some desperation Tara was trying to hide.

“Well, talk to me. You know what! Its almost 7. We should get some dinner at Fiona’s. I reserved a table there for me and Brie before she left town last week. It was supposed to be our date night. I guess we can go there and talk.” Dale was at his best to convince Tara tonight.



elite-daily-threesome1“So, that is what it is? You miss Jeffrey. Like you miss him a lot?” Dale asked Tara, his curiosity raised to the top.

“Well, Its been 8 months, since I…” Tara bit her lips but quickly managed to fade that expression, kissing the wine from the glass. “I’m sorry, this is usually “me and Brie” kind of talk and you are just such a great company, I was lost there for a moment. Thank you.”

“Please go on. If you really think I am a good company.” Dale persuaded her with an evil grin.

“Well, you know what really turned me on about him is that….please don’t tell anyone….hahaha…he used to wear panties.” Tara winked, “Shhhh…! Like seriously, please don’t tell anyone okay. Specially Brie. She would laugh at me like mad.”

“No way! Waat!! You got me there, right! Are you serious?” Dale could not believe what he just heard.

“Hey, hey. So what if we are not together anymore. It is my thing okay. I am sure you have some secret fetish too.” Tara started acting like losing control, but still keeping herself as in charge she said, “It takes balls of steel for a real man to do that. And anyone who does, I am all his for the rest of the night.”

“For real? No way!!!” Dale chuckled a little or at least tried.

“Try me!” Tara said looking deep into Dale’s eyes.



“Are you sure you want to do this?” Tara asked dale as they stepped out of the elevator, when the door opened on 8th floor, right in front of Tara’s apartment.

“Of course I do. I know I am a real man and I will prove it to you. But don’t forget your promise, don’t chicken out when its your turn.”

Tara struggled with the keys and both entered into her apartment. Grabbing Dale’s arm, Tara lead him to the bedroom. She opened her panty drawer and threw a purple lace panties on Dale’s face. “Now, Mister. Go. ” She said, pointing towards the bathroom.

By the time Dale came out of the bathroom, Tara already got herself half undressed. She whisteled looking at Dale.

“I like that. Are you ready for me?” Tara whispered into Dale’s eyes.

Dale was already shocked to see her half naked. His cock grew stiff the way he caught Tara stealing views of his broad chest, abs and the little bulge growing inside those panties.

“What are you waiting for? You are not going to fuck me?” Tara commanded Dale.

Tara stood couple feet away from Dale as she unhooked her bra and let it fall on the floor. Her breasts looked so desperate as if they called for a touch and then a few squeezes. It’s been a while Dale knew, someone got to suck those hard pink nipples of Tara, something that Dale himself every night dreamed about, only unknown of the fact that all he had to do to get them was something that any man may think twice before doing it.

Tara slipped her panties down and stood completely naked in front of Dale. She reached to the back of her head, letting her long silky shoulder length hair bounce free, something that Dale may want to hold and pull on to soon. She went down on her knees, crawled close to Dale. She slipped her hand inside the panties that Dale was wearing. She entered into the panties from underneath freeing his hard cock out of it, which was about to rip open through that tiny covering of the lace cloth and took it deep into her mouth. A slight moan of pleasure slipped out of Dale.

Tara rolled those panties down for him leaving him totally naked with his manhood popping out hard right in front of her. Tara crawled backwards onto the bed, opening her legs wide into the air, inviting dale to dive into her pussy. Dale sat down on his knees by the edge of the bed and did exactly what Tara was indicating. His tongue pierced Tara’s pussy, and went inside her tasting the first few drops of her womanly nectar.

He continued probing his tongue into her mercilessly till Tara released a loud moan, when she let herself go, feeling the release her body was craving for months now. She was soaked – inside out – thoroughly.

“This is not what I wanted. My wish is still waiting.” said Dale as he pushed his cock inside Tara’s wet cunt. He pulled almost all the way out and started pushing into her again saying, “I want you to convince my wife to do this with us. All three of us together. I love her too much and I love your body too. I will pay you, if you wish.”

“That won’t be necessary. I already paid her.” said Brie as she stepped out of the walk-in closet. “She is not my best friend from out of town, neither I ever left town. I hired her to fix our sex life.”

Brie stepped closer into the scene, near the bed, while Dale was still inside Tara.

“Keep fucking her.” said Brie, “You said you love me too much and that is all I needed to hear, besides wanting to see you in panties.”

Brie unbuttoned her white satin shirt, and unzipped out of the black pencil skirt. With the confidence in her she appeared as if she stood taller than her usual 5 feet 7 inches height. She slid her fingers through her short brown hair, massaging her scalp once. Leaving her black bra on, she got out of her panties, went onto the bed, spreading her legs sat on Tara’s face, facing Dale.

“Keep fucking her Dale” Brie commanded as she started rolling back and forth, letting Tara’s tongue work magic on her pussy.

Dale was about to lose it. As he pulled out massaging his cock, Brie knelt down closer to his cock and sucked him deep into her mouth, something that Dale never knew she would do. In less than a minute Dale exploded inside Brie’s mouth, satisfying the thirst she never thought she had within her. Brie started moaning after she swallowed the load, when she could not stand Tara’s tongue begging to be drenched. She found Tara’s clitoris and started massaging it.

The sweetest squirt from Tara’s pussy, that Dale and Brie missed out on landed off the bed – right on top of the panties Dale was wearing earlier, which laid on the floor then.


3 months later…

“Merry Christmas Baby!” Dale kissed Brie and asked, “Where is my present?”

“Under the tree.” Brie said, “turn off the lights when you come upstairs, and put it on. I will see you in the bedroom.”



I would love to know what you think about this story? This story request came to me from a few people, a group which was consisted largely of women.

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20th July 2013 – experiences, comments, e-mails.

Published July 26, 2013 by jessicamendez

Hello everyone,

Before anything else I would like to remind you all readers that if you are under 18 years of age, please do not read further as the information or stories below may not be suitable for you. Yes, there was a need for this reminder. Anyways, … 944412_576959692325157_809604279_n

I received a big collection of e-mails and so some of you may have been waiting too long for my reply. It took me 3 days of some spare time here and there, to go through it and reply everyone.  It was all about 20th July, and as in each e-mail I learned more about how adventurous some men and women were I was also asked how was it over all and if I heard from other people.

First of all let me thank all those people running the thread about this blog on, the site which is actually meeting its purpose and supporting all the MWPs out there. There is an interesting experience I have with it. When I first noticed people talking about this blog there, I felt like being part of the thread to continue the discussion and thank them all for all the excitement about 20th July. So, I got registered but somehow I haven’t been through the process as the admin never replied me approving of my registration and I was not able to get on there at all. But, if that is not the case and if it is my misunderstanding or overlooking habit of the e-mail from them, then I must apologize. Getting back to MWP, my special thanks to NYLON4ME and GR8GPPANTY – these two members on that site updating everyone else about this blog.

so the following is the selective comments, stories and feedback that I was waiting to publish about 20th July 2013 – MWP around the world.

  • Few men planned it among them and secretly worn panties to work as it was a quiet day for them being a weekend, with not many people around.
  • Some had gone to the beach with their family but did not get changed to get in the water to keep that super suit on. Good thing most of their wives knew about it.
  • A married couple had tried this first time on 20th July. They say that they ended up having the best time later that day. Somehow they got more than what they expected out of this day.
  • Two girls reported that they were in the bus and there was only one other passenger, which they did not notice earlier sitting in the set-of-2-sexy-cheekies-hiphugger-panty-underwear-368-46bf6opposite side in a double seat behind their row. This man noticed the girl pulling out an Orange coloured mesh thong from Victoria Secret that she had bought, as she was showing it to her friend without realizing they were not alone in the bus. Her friend suddenly noticed this man behind them and warned her friend to put it back in the bag. When that girl turned around to check if her friend was joking, she smiled at this man and blushed. In return this man said, “Nice colour, something similar that I am wearing. Anyways, happy panty day.” Next stop was the end of the route and he was gone too fast. Upon looking up on the internet this girl found out about it and wrote me. (Amazing, right!)
  • Some were a bit adventurous who worn panties to their doctor’s appointment, luckily they did not have to drop their pants for anything.
  • Some men had worn to the gym. One man said when he had been noticed putting his panties on after the shower, he told the men around that many other men around the world are doing it today and in response some said, you should have told us before. While, some men spotted others like them putting on panties in the locker room which had passed some feel good to them for not being alone. lol. The latter incident is from one of the most glamorous and big cities.
  • There were a few couples who literally exchanged their underwear, as in the man wearing the panties and the woman putting on her partner’s boxers. Which ended up giving the feeling of how boring boxers or briefs  can be some times, unless that is all they were wearing in the bedroom.
  • There were gay couples trying this on, which was not unusual for them.
  • There were men who do this everyday, so they ended up going commando just for a change on 20th july, while some ended up adding a bra to it. lol.
  • Because lots of people wanted to know, my man was in a pink g-string with tiny black polka dots and i ended up wearing his shorts, that had been ignored in past many months now. lol.

Dorian-Ortiz-man-love-woman-Couples-Love-hot-kumar-Couple-sex-gostaffo-sexy-vamp-NicePics-httpwwwpicformetralbumshowimages283page2-senzual-sex-2-Sexy-Album-mine-ibravo-sexy-stuff-pic-1-Paare-Touching-RubbinOverall, I must say, you all are a good sport. If you have more ideas to make this even better, lets decide another date for possibly the same adventure or may be with a little twist.

Lately, I received a few e-mails which were actually disappointing, where the man has tried on something like this and then grew more interest into crossdressing and then ended up having their relationships effected negatively. How? you may want to know! They ended up growing more interest into crossdressing secretly keeping their partner unaware, but also ended up meeting dominating men and growing fond of having sex with them. All this is still okay. It is fine if you are Gay, it is fine if you are Bi-sexual. But it is not fine if you are keeping your partner in the dark and cheating. It is not fine if your personal interests are leaving your partner from being touched by you for over 2 years now. Once again, I advice you all that keep honesty, faith and commitment the core values of your relationship. If you are committed to someone, make sure you do not cross the boundaries with your secret life. If your partner does not like you crossdressing and if you do that secretly that is understood to some extent, but cheating is not a good idea. Please, sit down and talk to your partner if it feels like the perfect time now.

Above words in Italic, is my personal opinion. I do not mean to push it onto anyone. I just do not want my words about MWP inspiring someone in a wrong way or lead down the wrong path. This is an attempt to make the complications simple, instead of complicating a happy relationship.

Once again, thank you all for so much love and great response to this blog. Lot more to come. :)

- Jessica.

“Relationships” and MWP – 8 (Men who wear panties)

Published July 19, 2013 by jessicamendez

So many of the readers and fans of this page are calling this “MWP” and so I will address it the same way, your way.

Men – who wear panties, had been sending me lots of e-mails and comments. 20th July, 2013 is here. There is so much excitement in2012-07-27-Lace400 the air, almost all around the globe.

Thank you all, once again, for a great response and making this blog more and more successful everyday.

Lately even the “girlfriends” and “wives” had been writing me more often expressing their feelings about their desperation to find their men doing just exactly this or tricking him into it. “Boyfriends” and “Husbands” or single guys had been writing me about how to convince their partner. They all have one thing in common, either one of the partner is holding that fetish or fear within.

Let us all remember the roots of any successful relationship – communication, honesty, faith….blah blah blah.

Through this blog I wish to reach all those who are forgetting those basics of a happy relationship.

Now, bare with me when I say, What if -

Women who are matured are able to understand that men wear panties and it is okay, just like the girls who share this wild side of finding their partner doing something unexpected. May be, just may be there are lots of women and girls out there who want to see this happening but they are afraid to admit it, or afraid to try it because the fear is to like it and assumption that it won’t last long, before they get misunderstood.  OR…..Men who are matured wants to wear panties, wants to try something new to spice things up around, with all the knowledge and maturity to realize there is nothing wrong with it. Boys who want to explore their sexuality but too scared of coming out if they have to face the worst fear, which actually their own mind considers it to be a fear. Some men might be afraid if wearing panties will lead them curios enough to try on a bra some day, or a ball gown eventually…which their partner may not support.

new-hp-hero.jpg.jpgAbove situations could be true to the point that we all may find it unbelievable. Same situations may be just a fragment of my imagination, or yours. Your head hurts yet?

Back to the basics of a happy relationship considering above situations, these situations occur when you fail to communicate. Sometimes one partner holds this fear of losing the loved one and that is why put a restriction on trying something. How do you come over that? How would you convince a girlfriend or a wife that you are not gay, you just want to try wearing panties and because they feel comfortable you want to keep at it. There are ways to show her that confidence, that you are not going through any major changes and still be there for her. Same goes for a woman or a girl, you need to show some confidence that he is there for you. Both the partners here need to understand each other, both showing confidence in each other and co-operation to try something new, making sure nothing else in their relationship gets effected.

Dear men, when you realize that this curiosity is never ending and only leading to the next one…which may happen to be exploring yourself as bi-sexual or gay, still there is nothing wrong with it. The sooner you realize it the better for you and your partner both.

Just one thing, be sure of what you choose and what you do. Either you get into a relationship after understanding exactly who you are and what you like, instead of hurting someone else’s feelings and breaking next heart, or look for a person who really understands you before going to make that long term commitment. And if you are already, in a relationship, offer your partner so much love, efforts, attention and care that they show confidence in what you are trying to do won’t hurt them or this relationship.

It is rather wiser sometimes to not go down the road if you are too scared of being lost, let your imaginations run wildlyManPanties down that road, instead of the real you.

And dear ladies, remember – how much buying products that will donate a dollar to breast cancer research and cure – is important to us. Men wanting to try panties may demand some similar support, as it is equally important to them, when they really get curious about it. After listening about the experiences that my husband and a few of my male friends shared with me, I honestly think there is no fashion when it comes to men’s clothing – inside or outside. Your partner may need some support in order to wear something different, or feel lighter and swifter sometimes, which is why they may want to give up wearing sweater like boxers with a giant waist band or saggy pants, which they think make them look cool out there.

Let not a relationship fail for a reason that may not even truly exist as an issue between you two. There are times and there are matters that should be taken seriously, for the rest let it be play time.

Last but not the least, STOP JUDGING others from just what your eyes see. There is a lot more to everyone around you. I feel the need to mention here that it is not always the women, who judge the men who wear panties, many may not even give a damn as long as they get the right and respectful treatment. I feel at some point, there are few men who judge other men more than any women would, upon what they like to wear.

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….and for this week I owe you a fresh, hot erotic story, coming up shortly.

Thankfully yours,

- Jessica.

Erotic Short story – The Fitting room (Straight man Crossdressing story)

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Those who are new visitors to this blog who came clicking this link trying to find an erotic story you can scroll down to story “The Fitting room”.

If you are a regular reader/follower of this blog, I have a special thank you note for you in the following few lines before the story starts. Please read the update and the results this blog has brought out there, with all your support and love. Jessica loves you back 3261858_f520for all that.

This blog has come way far from where it started and how it began. I only wanted this to be some sort of erotic stories publishing blog and later promoting the erotic books I will be write, but instead I have a lot more values connected with this blog.

There are – confused men (wearing panties), excited wives (of the men who wear panties or didn’t want to at first and now they do), gay, straight, bi curious, cross-dressers, transsexuals – all kind of people playing sex now and then writing me as I try to monitor the increasing traffic this blog is attracting every next day.

I have made lots of friends on facebook now. All you fans, friends, followers, viewers, readers – I am so thankful to you for making this blog such a great success. You all gave me more than I asked for.

Things are heating up for 20th July 2012. According to the few messages filling my inbox many men are trying to pass on the word to the guys around them and every day there are more and more men joining in wearing panties on 20th July 2012. Some have even requested to do it for a week. I guess those are the ones who just enjoy doing it and already had been doing it for years now. hahaha….Thats sweet guys. I am not onto some mission to effect a mass, I just hope my writing can be the way to spread the word that lately how common it had been for men wearing panties in their routine. Only purpose behind spreading the word is so if there are men out there who are hurting inside trying to figure out ways to quit wearing panties as if trying to stay sober, you do not need to stress yourself over such a small issue. It is as simple as doing something you feel comfortable with. New york is having an Underwear run in Central Park. lol. I guess it is time we start organizing Opposite day kind of run – where women wear men’s shorts and men wear panties. LMFAO. okay, I better stay focused.

As far as writing back to everyone is concerned, I have one little problem. I don’t mean to be rude by not replying you on facebook, but I get lots of ugly messages from people who says HI first and then after I reply nicely they all talk shit that they were after… add me expecting all I do sitting on my computer is have cyber sex with someone like them. I have a full time day job and also sometimes trying to give time to my husband, trying to plan another adventure along with him, trying to think of stories, trying to write my book further to bring it to finish, trying to keep updating this blog as the weekend comes – sometimes I am not able to reply you all personally.

I have received lots of e-mails that I have tried replying, and those who haven’t heard from me yet, I promise I am replying you shortly. Just keep in mind that I have often included the sexual topics in my blog which may answer your questions – that is if you think I am good at what I write and you believe my advises lol.

Today I am going to write about a story of a crossdresser visiting this shop where he befriends with the shop keeper lady and while this man is in the fitting room one day, taking advantage of his friends absence in the store another shop keeper has her way with this man.

This was a request from Barry living in UK. What you will read is a fantasy/story idea for Barry, who requested me to work on it few days back. I have changed the characters and the plot to some extent in order to have it appealing for general audience, who may or may not get the kick out of it otherwise.

Words of Concern :

Before we go on I would want to request all the men who enjoy wearing panties or like to cross-dress all the way, please do not do it around your partner if she is not a good sport or may had been requesting you to not do it because she does not like it. As a woman I understand that it is a very weird thing for ladies to deal with, to see their partner dressed up as an opposite sex. Not that I meant to have you turn away before you even get into the mood. I just though to pass on this word so some men who are actually gay are not trying to convince their wives misusing the words written else where in this blog previously. If you are gay accept it and move on, there is nothing wrong with it. Same goes for the ladies. If you are into seeing your men wearing panties or dolled up for sex, please do not push him into it. If he likes it and does it, be happy. But if he does not, please respect that. 

 The fitting room

8 years of hunt and 3 unsuccessful and faithful till it lasted sort of  relationships later, he decided to stay single. While staying committed to the same woman was his strength, it was his weakness of being strongly in touch with his feminine side. Just like any other normal man his penis would want to jump out of his pants too, when he would gaze at the curves like Marilyn Monroe. An added harsh reality to that scene would be that Ryan just wanted to see himself just like Marilyn Monroe.

After Sandra walked out on him last night, like Lucy and Cynthia did once, not able to face the fact, he decided to celebrate today, his 30th Birthday by shopping  for turning his semi cross-dresser’s life into a full show now on.

“Life is too short I thought and so I must think of living it to the fullest now, while I have everything I always wanted gathered around me except that one thing”, Ryan said. His top to bottom shaved body was somehow keeping him more confident today, than usual.

“And what would that be sweety?” Tracy smiled getting the hint already. Tracy had been the biggest support that a cross-dresser like Ryan can find in the suburbs of Portsmouth. “No! You are not ! Are you?”

“Yes, I am and I’m going to need all your help mate. Would you be a sweetheart?” Ryan asked confidently unlike stammering like he always does when he comes in for a pack of panties or sports bra so far.

“What about Sandra?” Tracy was concerned. “Does she know?”

“Well, I am done putting ladies through this. I rather use my time to live the way I want to, though I will be single. I did not find it fair to have hopes high of some nice girl with all the great stuff about our relationship and then breaking it up to her saying I like wearing woman’s clothes? Neh, not my thing.” Ryan ended talking and walked towards the dresses hanging on the rack.

“Those are all half off today.” Tracy yelled as she left the store taking the trash out.

Ryan’s eyes got settled on a black dress. Something that he knew every woman must have. After helping himself finding everything else he needed, he realized he still needed the hair. At the adult store next door, he found the perfect blonde hair wig he always pictured himself in, which he remembers with the photo of Marilyn Monroe on the box.

The very next day Ryan showed up at the store looking for a slightly bigger size of the dress, but surprisingly his bubbly friend Tracy was not around today. Ryan texted Tracy, ” Where d heck r u today?

“Found this chick at the bar last nite, still at her place, just wakin up next to her ;) Carol is filling in for me today” Tracy’s text beeped in right back at him.

Ryan’s biggest support Tracy was not around today as she had met some other girl last night at the bar who was just as curious as Tracy herself about exploring other women. Ryan felt jealous for Tracy having met someone of her kind after all, while he gave up in the middle of his quest.

“What can I help you with?” Carol cooed into Ryan’s ears from over his shoulder, while he is struggling through the rack of dresses.

“Uh, I will be okay I think.” Ryan tried to avoid her company like always.

Carol was in her 30′s who stood 5 feet 5 inches tall, just a few inches shorter than Ryan. Her blonde hair was always found disciplined to stay in perfect places, from her scalp to the few weak curls coming down touching her shoulder, keeping her right ear always uncovered as all her right side of face was kept exposed keeping her beautiful face visible to the best, yet a bit hidden on the left.

Ryan always found Carol attractive, but sadly he did not want to give into any urges only to add her name later to the list as he breaks her heart as well, when he tells her that he wears panties and finds something missing when he doesn’t.

Ryan turned around and passed through Carol making his way into the fitting room.

Carol tip toed behind him after he drew the curtains, “I heard you broke up with Sandra?”

“Damn you Tracy!” Ryan murmured. “Uh, well yeh. There were one or two things we didn’t like about each other. It all happened for good, for both of us.”

“Oh really!” Carol said drawing the curtains open of the fitting booth Ryan was into. “Is this one of the reason?” Tracy asked dominating Ryan as he stood in front of her wearing the perfectly fit black dress.

“What the hell is wrong with you Carol?” Ryan baffled. new-hp-hero.jpg.jpg

“Would you take me, if I say you look hot in this dress?” Carol entered into the fitting room. Circling around Ryan she said, “Think about it, you have 3 minutes, I will be right back” and left him alone.

Ryan had no clue what to do. There was no one around besides him and Carol. He could not even run away without getting that dress off him. After thinking for a couple of minutes he tried to text Tracy, sadly he was too late.

“Here, try all of these.” Carol commanded Ryan standing outside the booth, throwing a bra, a pair of satin panties, stockings and a couple of wigs at him. “Give me a nice show.”

This was now or never, Ryan figured instantly. He started dressing up all over again as Carol left him for a minute again, giving him his space.

Carol came back and to her surprise, Ryan was all dolled up only in just a given minute.

Carol approached closer to Ryan, sticking out her maroon lipstick she started painting Ryan’s lips. Ryan supported keeping his lips apart till Carol commanded, “Press them”.

Carol looked down at the bulge growing between Ryan’s legs under the smooth shiny black fabric. She pressed her hand gently on Ryan’s penis, cupping him totally into her palm. She pushed Ryan against the wall and pressed her lips onto his cheeks first. “You want to fuck me, bad girl?” Carol cried into Ryan’s ears after biting them softly.

Ryan grabbed Carol up in the air and off her feet. Carol wrapped her feet around Ryan as Ryan pushed Carol to the wall now.

After passionately making out for as little as only 15 minutes, Carol tried to calm herself down. “Turn around and to the wall” she demanded. Ryan opened his hands laying them on the wall leaving his back exposing out of the backless dress, showing the black bra he was wearing underneath, he hugged the wall he was facing offering his right cheek to the wall to be kissed and left one to Carol.

Carol unhooked Ryan’s bra and started laying gentle pecks all over Ryan’s back. His body left vibrated and shivering, with every kiss Carol left spreading the current through his body. Carol pulled the straps of his dress off his shoulders….

Tinininininingg…..went the bell as another customer entered the shop.

“Gotta go, but don’t you move! I will be right back to take care of you. okay?” Carol said as she left Ryan hanging on to the wall.

Ryan opened his eyes that he shut tightly when he was lost, feeling more than everything Carol was making him feel. He stayed there for another 5 minutes, letting his hands fall down to his sides now. Carol was taking long and Ryan was losing his patience as worrying thoughts of being caught or seen by someone started bothering his mind. Nervous Ryan felt that as exciting as it had been, it was a very bad idea to get to know any more about Carol into this fitting booth. He thought to start dressing up in his man clothes, but only if he could find it where he left them.

Dorian-Ortiz-man-love-woman-Couples-Love-hot-kumar-Couple-sex-gostaffo-sexy-vamp-NicePics-httpwwwpicformetralbumshowimages283page2-senzual-sex-2-Sexy-Album-mine-ibravo-sexy-stuff-pic-1-Paare-Touching-RubbinHe looked around desperately for his clothes as he heard the footsteps coming closer to the fitting area. Ryan was topless after letting his dress fall off him from where Carol left him hanging. He tried to reach his clothes on the floor outside the fitting booth as if they were thrown away because they will never be needed again.

He stepped out of his booth in his wig, black satin panties and stockings, right then he saw some shadow growing bigger as it approached the fitting room area. He hurried back into his booth drawing the curtains close again.

“Why did you move? I said, I wasn’t done with you.” Carol said, as she stood outside the booth along with Tracy, both of them totally naked, staring at Ryan only in his panties and stockings and the brown curls falling over his shoulders, with his legs spread kind of open.

“You were so right! He looks so tempting.” Tracy said to Carol still staring at Ryan as he only stood there witnessing what he found very hard to believe. “You go first. I want to watch.”

Carol approached Ryan as he dropped his panties down offering his erected cock for Carol to play with.


I think I ended this story happily…although I did not explain the happy ending in details. lol.

Sometimes leaving the readers to picture the fantasy further is the best idea to have them really enjoy their reading time. That is exactly what I felt like doing here today at the end.

I hope that story will help making you feel…uh…Tired !

I tried to write it in a way that it not only pleases the crossdressing straight men, but also the women who are into this and some of the general audience who are open to explore the pan sexual playground.

Please leave you some comments or feedback below….if doing any such thing makes you feel embarrassed than you can contact me personally.

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Hope to hear from you soon. Please write me what you would like to read here, or about your fantasies with some blue print that I may help you bring it alive through one of the stories. I do take requests from all my readers, in order to satisfy them to the best I can.

20th July is coming closer…Get your panties ready men. Because after looking at hundreds of stores and websites selling men’s underwear that can make anyone throw up, there is a number of men and women who are willing to break the boundaries of the fashion world that restricts men’s clothing from adopting more fashion and colours. If you are a man and agree that you wear boring and saggy underwear everyday, please get a pair of colourful panties for yourself and wear it on 20th July. Feel the comfort, the fun, the kink of it and see how it feels. I am a woman who love seeing my man in panties. If you are also a woman and bored looking at your man in same big boxers let’s change it for good .lol. All the best Everyone.

The following links may help you figure out what we are talking about.

Men who like wearing panties

How to choose perfect panties – for men

“Always keep trying something new with your partner. It will not only make the sex better, but will help you grow that bond stronger as you share the exciting memories you are about to make.”

Men who wear panties – 7 (Must read – Milestone)

Published June 21, 2013 by jessicamendez

The number of visitors I have looking at this blog everyday tells me, there are more and more curious people everyday. When I started writing about this “Men who wear panties”, I never expected to find so many supporters and admirers.

My message inboxes are so full all the time now. Every few minutes a man or a woman is writing me either to thank me for this blog or the whole 20th July thing when all men will be wearing panties around the world. There had been few very interesting comments and messages I received in my mail box and facebook account. I would like to discuss them today, as some readers have wrote very interesting things to me this past week.

I received comments/emails that included the following, just a few of them

“……..I believe the second half of this battle must be waged by men by actively wearing women’s clothing, particularly the skirt and dress . Panties worn by males don’t symbol / message to other males because they are hidden. Men who want the revolution in equality for the sexes to come to completion must wear skirts and dresses so that all stereotypical forms of maleness and femaleness in outward appearance are homogenized. The result will be that individual will not be judged by the dress they wear, but by the content of their character……”

“The person who can change the world has arrived.” (I loved this to the core as somebody updated a facebook status in his profile and put a link to my profile as that person….I could not stop laughing at first and then I honestly felt the need of this change was to the top. Thank you my friend for your words. Hope the person I am talking about is reading this.)

“Thank you so much for understanding those men who feel the need to wear panties, specially when most of them are married and heterosexual.” (Out of these readers some have very supporting wives, while some dream that she would support it someday. (If you have a female partner who does not support this, I may suggest that please try to avoid putting her through this often. As a woman I understand how awkward it may feel to suddenly grasp this change. Go slow. She will support if you appreciate her more. Talk about it, before jumping into doing it. There is always a happy medium you both can figure out, which is a key to every successful and happy relationship.)

“OMG….today me and my husband were talking about your blog while shopping at a thrift store and we noticed a few men in the store that day who were by them selves and yet looking at woman’s clothing. For a gift to their lady friend its very cheap of them for buying dresses from thrift store but me and my husband both had a feeling it was for them…..I could tell for sure.” (Well, Mrs. D this is very common these days. Me and my husband have also noticed often, specially lately lots of men who are wearing a nice dresses when they are out shopping. Last week when we saw such a man, my husband looked at me and said “Look what you are doing to the world”….hahaha….For a moment it felt like, that was the best compliment he ever gave me. Then I reminded him, “let’s pay attention to our shopping or you may pick a wrong size of your panties”.)  ;)

( Hahaha….Thank you so much for coming up with more ideas of spreading the word Jacky. Update your facebook friends, or your best buddies at the gym. Try going an extra mile if you can to spread the word.)

“I am dying to see my husband in Panties. How do I convince him to do it and then do it often? How did you train yours to do it?” (Well, my Asian beauty, thank you for sending me your pic and your husband’s pic too. I can tell why you want him to see wearing panties so badly. I did not have to convince my husband to do so, or train him or anything like that. It was just out of curiosity everything happened. It’s almost like I approved it and at the same time he fell in love with the feel of wearing panties.)

Now, to top it all up….I would like to say few things if you consider my opinions valuable enough. I would not mention all the questions or problems, I would just point out few things in bullets here…

  • Do not push this, “Men wearing panties” thing on your husband or your wives. Have a happy and healthy relationship. Talk about it, try to figure out why do you feel the need to wear panties and try it out. Spreading awareness has to have a good outcome, so don’t take a disadvantage of such blogs to convince someone to do something that may effect your relationship negatively, at a long run.
  • Many people are confused about wearing panties for men is related to being Gay. That is absolutely untrue. Even if you are gay, don’t be ashamed of it, because you can’t run away from the truth. Be who you are and be happy. And those who are straight – for some it is about fashion, to others it may be about comfort and for many many others, it is simply about being naughty with their loved ones, or wear it all day and keep the dirty thoughts around to spice up their sex lives.
  • That is the whole point of “Men wearing Panties” on July 20th, 2013. Men wearing panties are just words we will spread through the air. Nothing is written in stone. The problem I see is other men’s thinking, more than women. After talking to few men who enjoy wearing panties, I can be very sure that many men enjoy wearing panties and they all are afraid to admit it, because it is their friends (other men), who may judge them for doing something they want or feel the need to do.
  • More men are to be reached than women to be aware and feel okay that what they are doing has nothing to be doubtful about their sexuality.
  • Those who are dead serious about spreading this around, please talk to your friends and see what they think about it.
  • Most of all, live life to the fullest. Remember, you rather be on your deathbed realizing that you lived up to each of your dreams, instead of still being curious and thinking “What if, I did…..”
  • If there is a very good response to the 20th July plan, there will be more adventures for you to pursue.
  • Besides being finding the sexuality equal, also consider this about the fashion. As women can wear man’s clothing all the time inside out, why not men? Keeping few boundaries in mind, it would look awkward but not so awkward if you do it right.

Let’s keep life simple, by dealing complicated problems in a very simple way.

If you have an erotic story/fantasy that you would like to read about or have any ides, suggestions, comments and feedback about this blog or to make it better, please write me -

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Thank you all for such a great support and all the love so far. Hoping to keep you erotically entertained with more stories and adventurous to come.

Men who wear panties – 5

Published June 9, 2013 by jessicamendez

Thank you all the ladies for your interest in “Men who wear Panties”, and I thank all the guys too, but hey it is because of your wives and girlfriends’ support why you can still enjoy wearing panties.


That is something I wanted to write about today. I had a few messages this week, filling up my facebook and gmail inboxes asking different things, and So I thought to put those questions here with my views being the answer to them.




Question : Does your husband really wear panties? It doesn’t bother you at all?


Answer : Well, I am not making it up. He really enjoys it, and I like it because until the day he tried on a pair of my panties I did not


English: Colorful bikini panties.


know he could (or any man) could look hot wearing that. By the way, me and him both hate body hair, so I guess maintaining your smooth skin, with worked out body (me and him both) it looks actually nice if a man has panties on. I think it is about having something different and unexpected presented in front of you. Usually you see a man in their lose fitting or more like saggy shorts, which are made in a single color or a very little design or creativity added to it. Panties bring so much of varieties with shapes and sizes and colors. It makes both of us enjoy it.


Another reason I think I like it is because I am bi-sexual. It gives me a feeling of having best of both worlds in the bed with me.




Question : Shall I tell her or not that I wear panties? OR How do I know if he is hiding it from me?


Answer : well, having Men wearing panties is something very interesting that I find, I also believe if both the partners are not totally agreeing with this theory it may create some disputes or complications in your relationship. Best way is to talk it out for whatever reasons a man wants to do it. Sometimes even a girl wants to see the man in panties but a man is too afraid or embarrassed to try it on.


It’s like forcing a girl to give you a head while she is not really into it. Out of love and care for each other one partner may do something out of their capacity once in a while, but that is like a bonus or something that other partner should appreciate very much.


Without talking things out, if you – the men are doing this on her back it will be coming out as a very huge misunderstanding in any manner when she finds out. Please do not do it. It is one of the tips every one uses for a healthy sex life, talk it out when there is a problem or something you want to try.




Question : He wanted to try my panties, is he gay?


Answer : I have many good friends, may be about 10 guys I once knew or still know were gay. Out of those 10 I only know 2 of them enjoying wearing panties, that too once in a while. So I am not sure sure if its a gay thing. Gay/bisexual person does it, to feel more feminine (to the best of my knowledge), while a straight guy may be wearing panties for comfort or fashion.


Another reason I have found very famous, specially since I heard it from my husband first – wearing panties being a man makes them feel like they are doing something they are not suppose to, which kind of turns them on, keeps more sexually excited and have their brains cautiously and constantly thinking about sex or girls.


Female panties in B&W.


I would not specify if its my current partner or my friend or my ex, but I know someone who enjoys wearing panties and also enjoys using toys for anal pleasure and even enjoys orgasms stimulated through anal play, but the same person never want to try anything with a man. Having the idea of having sex with another man is not even in his head. I used to find it very confusing but being gay is about having attracted or feel comfort with the same sex physically, so ask him, if he has any such thoughts of trying something like that. You have to be tricky, you have to offer it as in you are supporting it to get the right answer.


If someone is gay and if you can realize that or talk it out, it is better to clearly talk if he is gay or bisexual. Rest is all upon your thinking if you want to support him allowing his fun time with other guys, or want to be only committed to have sex with you. Things like this has to be talked out again. Like I mentioned earlier, I am bisexual and my husband supports it, so we have a company of another girl I know often coming around for some fun with both of us. When I was starting to get interested in girls, I talked it out to my partner, it was tough for both of us to figure things out to make it work all well, but we did make it work, because we both love each other too much.


I support him with wearing panties thing, and he supports me with being bisexual.




Question : Why does my husband want to wear my bra? Isn’t panties enough?


Answer : I think they find panties exciting for purpose of variety, fitting or color and fashion but after trying that or getting used to it, it may spark a curiosity of taking it to the level of crossdressing by trying on more girly things – all put together. This may be something you both should consider something serious or just fun.


Again, same advice – talk it out, what’s going on. Men in panties its not all about fun and comfort.


Female with hands on its panties in B&W.


But hey, as long as you like it and you don’t mind it, it’s all good.




Question : How to enjoy my man in panties?


Answer : Well, they way I like it – no offense to people with a few extra pounds, but it may look more attracting if you are in a good shape or have shaved smooth skin or at least maintain trimmed body hair. otherwise it would only look gross or just as good as wearing any ordinary man shorts.


When you want to enjoy doing something, do it properly. There are always things you can keep in mind and efforts you can make to enjoy things that you try. Just an opinion of mine.



Once again I request all the readers not to add me on facebook if you are expecting sex chat with me and please don’t send me dirty pics of yours.

If you want me to write something that you will enjoy reading, be it the next topic of “men who wear panties” or any kind of erotic story that you enjoy the most, Please write me on

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Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope I can write something more interesting for you to read next time ;)





Choosing the perfect panties. (Men who like wearing panties – 4)

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(This is a 4th part of “Men who like wearing panties”, if this topic interests you look on the right side of this page and you will find other blogs related to the same topic. You may find that interesting. Also check out some eroticas while you are here, thank you for your interest and your time. Hope you enjoy reading.)

So I had been asked few times by different men and women through my facebook inbox and also my e-mail messages, that what is the perfect type of panties for a man to wear.

Well, its a trick question.

I like my man in panties, and he likes wearing them too. Win win for us. But is that easy for all the couples to deal with?

Female panties in B&W.

There are few things one should keep in mind before choosing the right type of panties, whether for himself or if you are a woman finding a panties for your man.

Let me bring up those links again below, (something I mentioned in my other blog before – in “men who like wearing panties”.)

So, if you click on those links and surf through the collection of panties and bras for men, you may notice there is a huge bump in the price compared to what women wear.

Now, if you can afford those kind of panties sure go for it, but I never bought one from such websites, neither my husband agrees to spend so much on a pair of panties he would wear for our special night or routine. Good thing about such websites designing panties for men is that it has some extra space for your Penis to sit quietly.

Drawing illustrating various styles of panties...

So, again it comes down to how to choose what is the right kind for you or for your husband/boyfriend?

On the left is the usual kinds of panties you see in a good store. There are obviously way too many varieties that you can find, depending where you go for shopping.


Try to go to a dollar store kind of place when you are a beginner, just to get the feel of panties around you. That way you can first decide if you are a panty person or not, without investing too much in it. Remember if you are new to this (unless you are a woman), you are prone to feel nervous unless you pretend to be shopping for your girl. So, save your money, be a smart shopper before you really invest into something more fashionable or a good brand.

Challenge is you may walk out with a wrong size if you approach a dollar store sort of a place. But chances are you will be fine.


In the picture above shows all kinds of styles available for panties in general. See what you may feel comfortable with, sometimes bikini panties look comfortable but you never know you may find like you are wearing nothing at all when you get inside a thong.

This you can only decide after trying a few different styles. That is why I suggested dollar store earlier, as they have all kind of styles and you can afford it.


This is a biggest factor to keep in mind before you decide on what panties to wear. If you are going to hang out with your male friends,

English: A pair of white panties with hearts o...

or having a doubt to end up with a girl after buying her a drink at the bar, you may want to be wearing a boy shorts kind of panties. If a girl finds out about it when you are in her bedroom thats still going to be embarassing just as much, but this will give you more chances of getting away without being caught.

Of course you will keep in mind that Black or Dark shade of blue would be a proper choice to go for here.

Sometimes there are sheer fabric panties/see through/net/mesh – this kind you wear only if you are going to bed with your wife or chilling in your apartment. I would recommend this only for crossdressers/drag queens as they would be wearing girly clothes with it too. Mostly when my husband complains when he puts this on underneath jeans because the inner part of the zipper in your jeans will be rubbing on your skin through this sheer fabric, which he finds “Sooooo annoying” as he describes it.

If you are wearing a thong with a short t-shirt on the top, make sure it has a big waist band and try avoiding girly colours like pink or red, if you do bend over and show some of it, you can still be lucky enough not to show the T part of the thong if you are wearing a dark or white shade.

If you are going to work, wearing proper attire, tucking your shirt in your trousers, you may feel yourself free to put on any kind you want besides avoiding the zipper injury through the sheer fabric feel free to be creative with your comfort.


This is the real reason why I want to find my man in panties all the time. Being a woman I feel that there is a huge lack of variety in men’s underwear, unless you have a money tree in your back yard and want to spend 50 dollars for some fashionable underwear. OH PLEASE!!!

Life is full of colours. You need colours. You need fashion. Use it all that you have, be creative to keep your inner life interesting and keep your inner self confident.

19 May 2007: Shooting with the Pros. My first ...


So, if in girl sizes you are M(medium) you may want to try going for L(large) when you choose your panties. It may help you giving a little extra covering in the front, but it is not a sure for win idea. Sometimes trying to go a size bigger may mar the joy of wearing panties, by having lose parts instead of that perfect fit.

You may have to skip through different brands or styles in order to find the right match that will give you enough covering in the front plus will provide you perfect fitting all around your butt.


That was just a quickly fired blog. I am currently working on an erotica novella and a self help book for “Men who like wearing panties”. Which of course has all you need to know for men and for those kinky wives who dare to have some fun making your husband your “boy toy”.

After all, relationships are about love; loving each other. The more you love the more you give. The more you will give, the more you will get.

The above blog is dedicated to men who like wearing panties and those women who like to see their men in panties. Men in panties, is absolutely normal to find these days. 2 years ago when I was using bus frequently, at two different occassions I caught a man(different man each time) in the bus  wearing panties. Not that I saw him putting it on, but it is not hard to miss when some man bends over and you can see that nice pink frill popping out of his pants.

If you are a man or a woman wanting to try this but hesitating for some weird reasons, you are missing out I will say. As long as the adventures are discussed between two loved ones before they each decide to pursue it, it will only make the relationship healthy. On the other hand hiding your fetish and trying to be who you are not may only create disputes between the two of you. For a man sometimes, thinking of wearing panties is almost illegal. Please don’t be stupid. Not only you are missing out on your fetish, you may be missing out on some comfort and fashion in your life after all.

Don’t forget the secret mission on 20th July, 2013, all men are secretly wearing panties. Join in the fashion revolution.

Thank you all for your interest in my blog so far. I have only the growing number of visitors dropping me a line of two in my inbox every next day. I once started this blog thinking I want to write an erotic short. Now, besides my writing finding its fine edge gradually, I have also found a purpose for this blog. The purpose is to keep more and more people erotically entertained.

Please write me what you would like to read here in my blogs. Whether it is a particular fetish story you have in mind or some suggestions to seek out, I will only give it a shot if I am sure of helping you out in that area. Either I will completely make you happy or won’t tease you and take the candy away at all.

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Hope to make more friends who enjoy reading erotic genre. Thank you all for reading.


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