Men who wear panties – part 2

Published May 3, 2013 by jessicamendez

Again I am going to go on, with my opinions…which is indirectly a warning to readers that following is only what I think is true or could be true…make your own opinions as you go through each day of life while you learn to accept what others opinions are too. That I feel is the easiest way to be happy and others around you comfortable.

(You may choose to read “men who wear panties” first, as this is continuation to it…)

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So, I think that men who are gay may or may not like wearing panties, and those men who wear panties are not necessarily gay. Lately I keep talking to more and more guys on the internet who accepts that they are wearing panties all the time….and their wives who are either concerned about that issue or very understanding and supportive.

My survey says, that men don’t have as much in variety to wear, especially because its the men themselves who majorly contributed in making rules of life and so is clothing for particular gender.

Lately this topic on the internet had been really hot, “Men wearing panties”. Again, who the heck said there is any rule of who should do what? Nobody. So, feel comfortable of be who you are and do what you feel like doing.

Finding your body most comfortable covered in panties is normal, yes, even thought you are a man. Panties are awesome. They have lighter and softer cloth used in making. So soft to skin. Why not try different styles – bikini, thongs, lace, boy-shorts, g-string. There is so much out there.

And if you are trying to impersonate your body to be of a woman’s, go all shaved or even with trimmed body hair and see how much you will fancy that look of yours.

Something my husband tried few days back….something what a woman usually does….and watching him was only awesome,….which was followed by a great vanilla sex. lol.

I saw him masturbating like a woman while we were watching some soft porn. He was wearing something that is in that picture above… he suddenly slid his fingers between his legs,…he gently presses them on his member. He started massaging himself slowly…He is all aroused but only mentally, not physically with a hard on… he keeps enjoying massaging himself while having those panties on…he slid his fingers inside the panties now….still massaging…not getting a hard on…while I am kissing him…and licking his nipples….he wets his panties with the Creme-de-amour. I saw him flooding his panties with orgasm.

I must admit it was the most beautiful thing I saw a man doing. He was all surprised with what he just accomplished and so was I. kissing harder we stumbled into our bedroom, found the bed and ended making sweet love for about an hour or at least that is what it felt like. This time he penetrated me with his never been so hard penis. We both were surprised how once he gained an orgasm shivering inside his panties like a woman and a next second he was an alpha male in that room like only one in the world.

This is why I like men wearing panties…they are lost in their own twisted imagination world all day that only they would know…but one thing is for sure…I want you all men and women reading this to know that…wearing panties doesn’t make your man any less of him. I read so many times that only those who are really comfortable and confident about their sexuality would dare to do something strange as this. Being gay is whole other thing…it comes with all different feelings…like two men or two women really fall in love like a heterosexual couple of man and a woman would. Their love would be just as serious and full of feelings like any of a straight person’s. Gays don’t want to or need to try different gender under wears. They may but its not a necessity. Being gay is not only about being lustful or want to get sexual with a same gender, that is just you having some fun.

So, back to Men in Panties. How many of you would like to try this or have your boyfriend/husband try panties? I would love to know what you think about this, so please comment or write me on “”. and keep visiting this page for upcoming books, short erotic stories published here about crossdressing experiences, some true events, some real good vanilla sex and some roughly handled casual encounters. Please write me on the same email what would you love to read and I will do my best to meet your entertainment needs.

Thank you so much for reading, now like a good girl/boy get naughty…and cum till you fall asleep. lol.

16 comments on “Men who wear panties – part 2

  • Jessica,
    Thank you for your very insightful article. I am a straight man and recently discovered the joy or panties rather by accident. After realizing the joy, I thought there must be something wrong with me. After reading your article I feel much better about myself and my new found joy. To be honest, I have never found a pair of mens underwear that fit as well and are as comfortable as women’s panties. They are far more supportive and as far as I am concerned more hygienic because I sweat less as the material is thinner. I guess you could say I am more interested in the function than style or fashion. I bought a package of Hane’s bikinis in solid colors and I love them. Most of the colors are appropriate for men except for one pair of pink and one pair of purple. I am not sure if anyone would even realize they were panties in the other colors. I do have the pink ones on now and I must say there is a bit of naughtiness to wearing something so feminine looking. Very arousing. I am just glad there are more men like me!

    • Very good to hear from you. yes, there are many more men like you and my husband. lol.

      My husband tells me how thinner the fabric feels compared to man’s underwear and how well it fits too. I just do not know the person, who ever came up with Man’s typical underwears….which are sometimes as big as a wine aging or atleast that is how I would refer to it.

      Congratulations with your new found joy. But just in case you have friends who may not judge you, let them know how you feel if it is okay with you. Not that I want to see all men in panties, but the faster it becomes officially allowed by other men, we will put more men to that comfort. Thank you for reading. :)

  • As I have said before, I love wearing panties as well as other feminine items. I love to dress completely as a woman whenever I can. I have had sex with both men and women while I was dressed as a woman and quite honestly I enjoyed the sex with women a lot more. I have had men ask me if I had to dress like a woman and that was a turnoff because I am who I am and I have never had a woman ask me that, in fact women seem to be very supportive to say the least.

  • I’m a divorced 41 year old man. I’ve never considered myself gay when I was younger. But, I’ve had both my gay and crossdressing curiosities. So, a couple of years ago when I was living on my own. I gave in I went to Lane Bryant’s and got not just some panties but some cami’s. I wearing them! I would even wear the panties and cams under t-shirts. I even found a few skirts that I loved! I even had a transgendered supervisor. But, over the years I’ve purged and had to move. Oh, man, I miss my panties and cami’s, and skirts! They were so cumfy and I felt good about myself. I just wish that I could find someone male or female that could understand me, now.

  • Hi Jessica, I just found your site today and am so pleased! I have been wearing panties pretty much full time for many years. I am still in the closet with this and do have a few friends and x’s that know. I am not ashamed of wearing panties all the time, it is something I enjoy and hope some day it will be accepted. You are definitely doing your part and I am with you 100 %!!! I am sure I have every style that has ever been made. Some I like better ” particularly nylon, or silk, which is getting harder to find” than others. But I must say panties turn me on whether on a man or a woman. Please keep up the GOOD work and I look forward to coming to this website in the future. Charlie

  • Hi Jessica, I’ve been happily married to a lovely lady for many years now. However, I have my secret (don’t we all!) which is to wear lingerie – for me that’s a pretty bra and matching panties, or maybe a thong if I want to be naughty Whenever possible I love to go out wearing these lacy items under my male attire although I need to be careful that the bra straps don’t show! It gives me such a wonderful, sensuous tingly feeling with that soft fabric touching my skin, and it also feels so natural for me, especially as I have small budding breasts. Sometimes, I find a little pre-cum which is soooooo nice….. And I have been using a couple of nice lingerie stores who are very happy to fit me with the right garments.

  • Is there a easy way for men to fit Into thongs I want to wear them but don’t know where to put my bits when I want to wear them any suggestions also I told my wife about my panty wearing and she is pissed about me wearing them but I have gone 100% to panties starting today she will eventually learn to accept this as a part of my lifestyle

    • There possibly could be a way to find a happy medium, for example, not wearing them when she is around.

      Afterall you can be the best judge, if any other choice is worth sacrificing happy married life or not. I hope you make the right choice. :)

      • Me and the wife talked and came up with a compromise I can wear them to bed and during the day and sometimes when she is around which is not bad for now hopefully she accepts it and maybe soon I can wear them all the time

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