men who like wearing panties.

Published April 26, 2013 by jessicamendez

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Are you a man who likes wearing panties? Are you a woman or a girl whose boyfriend/husband happens to enjoy wearing panties?Does the evil side of you enjoys it, but somewhere deep inside you still doubt this feeling to be any good?Do you question if this is not normal?

Pink panties

Pink panties (Photo credit: verypurpleperson)

Well, women started wearing shirts/t-shirts and pants, like men which is accepted, then what is such a big deal about men wearing panties?

Following is my take on explaining this theory…

Right now, my husband is sleeping next to me wearing a girly looking thong. I may feel this is awesome because of my fetish of seeing my average looking man in sexy panties with all of his hairless body. As you do not know me very well, take a guess if I like seeing him wearing my bra or even a dress and appear to me looking totally like a girl while he is all dressed up for our girls night out, just me and him. Take another guess, if I like girly guys or if my man is muscular which turns me on. Take a third guess, if I am actually into girls but too scared to try it with a real one and so I fill my fantasies by turning my husband into a girl.

You do not know me very well and so it is very easy for you to guess what I really enjoy out of it. What if I say, I like it or I do not mind him wearing panties just because I like to accept everyone as they are. As long as he loves me why does it all matter to me?

Life is full of questions. This is just a part of it.

Human being is very reactive when encountered with something unknown or strange so far.

Now think, what if suddenly 80% of men start wearing panties, just like once when women started wearing t-shirts and jeans like guys. What are women or men who are against it going to do? answer is to accept it.

I am not writing this because I belong to either side strongly. I am writing this because this is something going on in my head lately. Not only I find it intriguing or interesting, I even find it fascinating. I find this discussion, the arguments fascinating not the men in panties.

My man wears panties, but I have experienced him only being an alpha male in the bed. He is so manly even though wearing those panties. He still makes love to me, making me feel like the only woman left on earth.


Panties (Photo credit: Khun P)

Men wearing panties is getting normal. For a matter of fact, let me announce right now, on 20 July 2013 all men are secretly going to wear panties. If you are a man, do it. If you are a woman, keep an eye to steal some best glimpses of your lover in panties and have it accepted forever. Do you believe what I just said? well, that’s another moment of developing your own belief and perception.

Let us all declare 20th July 2013 to be “Men in panties Day” and from then on release all the men to feel free to do so when they feel like.

Please comment below, on how do you feel about men in panties. I have accepted and I had been happy. My husband was actually wondering what if one day I end up putting those lacy pink Victoria Secret panties in the changing room of the gym after the shower. He said, “My friends are in favor, my wife already knows, then doing so would only spread the word further that I have balls like a real man does to do what I feel comfortable with, its time to show you have balls too”.

Please comment below, if seriously this is a big issue or not? what do you feel about it? I am open to opinions. I am not preaching or educating, I am welcoming different thoughts from different heads and I wish to hear from more women who have accepted and found it just fine, that their men in panties are still the same men from within.

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84 comments on “men who like wearing panties.

  • I’ll be your first commenter. I wear panties sometimes, and I love it. I also crossdress all the way for what it’s worth. I don’t wear panties much these days, but when I do, I enjoy it. I love the feel of the material on my skin, particularly the way it feels around my genitals. I don’t wear them around my wife…she wouldn’t appreciate it or support it. I am a regular manly man otherwise, I’ve just always loved soft sexy things, and panties definitely fit that bill. I like your panty wearing day idea, and you make a good point about the whole women wearing men’s stuff, but it won’t be that easy to make such a change. Our culture has DEEPLY rooted predjudice against men being girls.

    • oh wow. so its already a wide spread awesomeness. lol. honestly i just love the way my man look in panties.

      i personally believe that most of them are motivated to wear panties/crossdress is because there is not much variety in men’s clothing.

      thanks for your comment :)

      • it started for me when i was 7 or 8 years old i found out how great panties felt and then garter belts and stockings soon corsets and oh my its been down hill ever since i have a pantie fetish and i own over 500 pair i am sure i am not going to count because i dont want to know…. i see a nice pair if they fit well i buy them in all colors and have to have 2 or 3 of the same color because when you wear them out u cant go back and get the same ones. so i tend to spend a lot of money on it but i dont have and kids and i am single so i can afford such things I think all woman should let there men dress up because then need a close girlfriend so why not him… if he is in your panties he is you’res forever you just dont know it… go buy him some panties 7 or 8 pair if not more accept it and turn him into a girl just you and him he will fell so close to you and no doubt do anything for you. he is in total love you you at this point.

        i know i am him or was him but lost her.

  • I think the comment from the first poster “Our culture has deeply rooted prejudice against men being girls.” is part of the picture. The truth be told, western society has always placed men above women: power, politics, religion, wealth (the inheritance of), work, and respect. Men have always been considered better, more valuable, more important than women. Men inhibit a position in society that is superior to all other women. Consequently, for a man to take on attributes of women and females is a man wishing/wanting to be treated as less important, less valuable, and to be subordinate to all men, as all women have been historically in western society.

    Women fighting for the rights of all women to be treated as equals to males has taken a variety of strategies: sit ins, protests, bra burnings, fighting for the pill, the right to choose, and to take on the accoutrements of males – primarily pants. The rejection of a nearly universal symbol of femaleness – the skirt and dress for pants – has been part of the transformation of western societies attitudes towards equality for women.

    I believe the second half of this battle must be waged by men by actively wearing women’s clothing, particularly the skirt and dress (and for those who want to go all the way – panties). Panties worn by males don’t symbol / message to other males because they are hidden. Men who want the revolution in equality for the sexes to come to completion must wear skirts and dresses so that all stereotypical forms of maleness and femaleness in outward appearance are homogenized. The result will be that individual will not be judged by the dress they wear, but by the content of their character.


  • Oh wow…there are only two replies and it’s been 3 months? I love wearing panties when I can. I have two boys that are too young for me to do it anytime I want (which is usually all the time). They are still in their formative years and daddy can’t be seen all dolled up in panties, skirts, nail polish, lipstick and mascara! That might scar them a bit. I’d rather wait until they are out of the house, even if it means I’ll be pushing 50 by then. I probably will go ahead and wear panties on your proposed day of July 20th! I would like to go out and get me a special pair for that day! I also agree that men should be able to do what women have been doing and that is wear clothes of the opposite sex in public. I like the trend that some guys feel comfortable enough to wear pink these days. It’s still eye raising but deep down I am bi and probably only raise my eyes because I wonder if the pink extends underneath the pants/shorts/suit. Anyway, I love your post. Keep up the good work!

      • I see. Well, I enjoyed this blog as I was looking for photos and stumbled upon your magnificent page. I read your second and third entries to this blog and didn’t make it all the way through the third. ;) I plan on visiting your page more in the future and I hope more guys will feel comfortable posting replies and maybe some women too! Love this…keep up the great work!

  • I wear panties all the time. I don’t own any mens under ware anymore. My wife only buys me panties so when I go to the doctors that’s all I have on.

  • Hi there! I’m male, 37-years-old & I’ve been wearing ladies high leg briefs for many years! I think I’m past the point of no return! They just fit my body much better & are much more comfier. And sexier, tee he…

  • i have worn and bought panties. My gf ended up cheating on me as i showed a small bump, but said she loved it. i will be celbrating the 2oth. Makes me feel so big i enjoy your reading. So to the point. i wear them to the gym and change in front of others as my ex used to make me, so when i worked out the would stare and laugh with the other the doc idea

      • I guess Mario’s gf can ANSWER that better. besides,sometimes how we find things related are not the way we see it. Sometimes you have to choose what you do with your life if you want to keep your partner, or you can prioritize your needs and then find a partner who would approve of it.

        If Mario wearing panties and his gf cheating on him is co-related, then still cheating stoops low as the girl who did not like him doing so would have made it clear. instead she did not choose to talk. Cheating is a cheating, people just look for excuse to approve of what their inner demon has to say.

        I would not want to be the one to judge neither can you or anyone else of what was going on in her mind. but I can say this that she should have talked about it, whether him wearing panties is bothering her or she feels like being with someone else.

        Just my personal opinion.

  • Jimmy, things happen for reasons outside of our control. Wear what makes you happy. Now a question for you jessica if you dont mind. What is your favorite place to shop for panties? I have found some techniques to make my panties fit more comfortable, as i love them tight. Other may enjoy. Only a fee materials needed. Im excited for july 20 panty day!!!!

    • My favorite place to shop for panties ? LMFAO….it depends where I am, I travel a lot within states and sometimes if need to go to Canada. its either Victoria Secret or La senza. Sometimes I do online shopping. Sometimes I choose Sears or Dillards.

      Why did you have to ask though? lol.

      • I am glad you got a great laugh out of it all. Try to make people smile. I was asking just to see if i was missing out on any of the hidden secrets of a lady. See i order online as i have snopped around panties before and the sales people were not helpful and judging when i wanted to give it a further look and try them on. Plus i know you have great style and have seen your husbands favorite types that get you going an wanted to get my girl going. My gf and i are close to the same size. Have you and your husband switched panties around or do you think that would be sexy/weird? Have you told your gf about your husband wearing panties? As i assume most girls talk. Thanks so much. Got my purple sating thong on today awaiting a celebration. I couldnt wait

  • I am 24 and have been trying all sorts of different thongs for a few years. Figuring out which one fits the best while not hiding everything. So i also have panties for hiding all the junk down below. Most gfs have never minded me dressing up in their panties. Problem is i need to get more of my own for me and not from my gf. Hopefully will be celebrating the holiday in a few days. Anyone have favorites to hide the junk and also keep a good show? Jessica?

    • Well, I kind of wrote something similar on what kind is your perfect fit, its called “choosing the perfect panties” blog. You may find that helpful.

      Also, you can youtube the ideas about hiding the junk, if you are a xdresser and out in public anytime. A friend of mine in California uses a size smaller thong or gstring that fits too tight, but also I must mention here that is not recommended for longer use, as it affects the blood flow to your junk, which may have long term side effects. so choose your option wisely when it comes to hiding the junk.

      Good luck ! :)

      • What do you mean does damage? Even if its small like 3 inches it can. And what is longer use, rest of life or a year or a few months. I used to use duct tape to keep it down and push my cock inside my body so i had just balls to worry about that i would create a device to tuck them behind body aand would have to sit on them. Thats probably worse i would assume. But back to panties, g strings and thongs fit the best and my gf thinks they are perfect. Like marios question have you found a fav to see on your husband? Do you think wearing panties is easier for men with smaller junk also or does it not really matter? Thanks and have a great eyelash black thong ready for saturday. To die for

      • When you try to hide your man hood while xdressing, it may create some problem with the blood circulations, after practicing such thing long term. that is what I meant. :)

        I like thongs the best. (blushhhhhhh……)

        I have no idea about how men feels about wearing it with bigger or smaller junk…coz I have to have one to experience it. lmfao.

      • I’ve found the girls I’ve shared this with prefer the cheeky pairs or the low-rise bikini cut panties the best.. they show off my booty the best..=)

      • So size in panties has never been an issue you have heard of? Do guys with smaller junk usually wear panties more? I love thongs to and that is very usueful for me as that is all i buy also. Do you take pics on website to help other men out? Blood circulation should not be an issue for smaller packages i assume but whatever things happen if so. Doesnt your husband give you any feedback on his pantiy fit? You think my questions are crazy but i appreciate your feedback and I am glad you get a good laugh at whatever it may be from my inquiries.

      • Hi Joseph,….
        That blood circulation thing I mentioned was something you have to deal with after tucking your junk with tape or other ways while crossdressing to perfection….

        I have never heard any such thing happening for wearing panties everyday. I am not sure about your type of question….Usually what happens (from what I have heard) you just get used to it and there are men who feel uncomfortable when wearing panties, as if have hard time managing that junk inside.

        Pics – I am not sure what specific pics you are talking about.

        My husband – yes, he likes thongs better, He usually buys a size bigger that what he will need if he was a girl. lol. Also may I suggest you read (if you havent already) –

        That link may help you, incase you ever wondered.


        No questions are crazy, i just do my best if I could answer, if I could not I hope someone else out there can. ;)

        Hope that helped Joseph.

  • What do you mean will damage for long use? Even for smaller packages under 3 inches. As i have been using duck tape to tuck cock inside me and created a device to tuck balls behind me to sit on. That probably does more damage i think. What are you fav panties to see on a man? ( refering to marios question) i love g strings and thongs as they fit packages better i find. Do most men have to worry about things slipping out when wearing panties? Have a perfect eylash thong im saving for saturday. My gf like those types of thongs on me so i have not tried much else. What kind of pantie could i get tight while keeping it all in the panty as i am worried it all may slip out.

    • i wish i could answer your manly questions….lol. honestly i have a few crossdressing friends and so with all together we are working on a fine guide for men in panties. which will be published…..phew…i am not sure when. lol. my priority is fiction writing which i am trying hard to put time into.

  • I have always loved to wear panties and yes of course I am a male crossdresser. I am in my 3rd marriage and crossdressing is not the reason that my first two marriages failed. In fact my first two wives tried to tempt me into not leaving them by purchasing me panties and other feminine items. My current wife is very supportive of my feminine side and well aware of my bi-sexual history. I guess I have a lot of female characteristics and have learned that is just a part of who I am and I am proud to dress as a woman or man.

  • Hello Jessica July 20 was the great panty day. I’m a 48-year-old male who wears panties 98% of the time. About a year ago I finally succumbed to the fact that I liked wearing panties better than underwear. I am a very manly man and working a very manly profession. But there’s just something about having satin that incases your jewels that is truly wonderful and this last week I’ve had a chance to spend a week by myself and went and bought the most beautiful satin nightgown and have had some of the best sleep I’ve ever had, curling up and letting that sweet soft material slide over me. I will say to the one poster you can get away with wearing panties discreetly and your children will not find out. You just have to be very discreet and careful. My wife just told me that she doesn’t mind me wearing panties actually I think she kind of enjoys them but I have to be very careful about colors and sizes. Because sometimes when you bend over or sit down and places they can be seen she said she doesn’t mind if they were seen but it would mortify the kids. So please I say wear what you want wear what is comfortable. Thanks Jessica.

  • Good day, people

    I am a 25 years old asian. And i love panties to dead. They just amaze me. Sometimes, i even get an erection just by seeing myself wearing them when i stood in front of the mirror. My gf is cool with the fact that i am a MWP. We do go for panties shopping together once in a while.

    However, maybe because of asian culture, is it seemed as a taboo for guys to wear panties or sort. I strongly believe it is solely one’s own freedom to wear whatever they like or comfortable with so be it male or female.

    I just ‘followed’ you here, Jes ;) ;)

    Hoping that more of MVP tales will be shared here.

  • I am a 20 year old guy who LOVES to wear panties! I have thongs, bikini’s, you name it! From Frilly to shiny I have many pairs! My Girl of 3 years loves it too and we shop for matching pairs together! I have yet to be able to share my love of panty wearing so hopefully I can here!
    I’d love to send pictures via email to any female interested:) I am muscularly built, and often am mistaken for Orlando Bloom (specifically the Will Turner version).
    I just found this blog so, unfortunately, missed panty day, but I wear them everyday! And sometimes I allow them to stick out for the world to see!
    Hope to hear from some fellow men in panties supporters!:)

    • That’s awesome to hear Chris. My fiance loves wearing panties too, and I love it. It is so hot to see this hair muscular man wearing panties. I would love to see some pictures of you, if you are still interested in sending them. My email is hippierae at yahoo. I just found this blog and can’t wait to tell Ron about it. Thanks Jessica, and everyone here.

  • I’m a man who has been wearing panties daily for some 25 years. I own no male underwear. When dating my SO she discovered my panty drawer. We talked about it and she was okay with. One evening she came in with a pair of pink lace panties. We began shopping once a month for panties and would give one another panties as gifts. Due to a reaction to some medication my breasts began to grow. At one point she suggested I begin wearing a bra. We went to Dillard’s and I got fitted for a bra. Since that time I wear a bra daily.

  • The only problem with panties is that they are not well fitted to the male anatomy, although I appreciate the support too. If you ever feel weird wearing girls panties, try some made for men and you’ll appreciate the anatomical corrections. I’ve really fallen in love with the JG2 line of men’s bikinis. Plus you don’t have that nasty cotton strip up the middle riding you all day.

  • Hi everybody I’m a 27 yr old male who love wearing all kinds of panties. I had to seek around my wife to wear her panties intill 1 day she walked in and seen me wearing her purple thong I was shocked to see she was fine with it actually she prefeers it now we do panty checks go panty shopping and thank god we r the same size she finds it very sexy thinkin abt me workin with semis wearing a sexy pink g string as for a men wearing panties day why should it only be 1 day I say everyday is men wearing panties day

    • thanks for ur comment i too like to wear girls panties but i never wear my girl friend’s panties when i wear panties it gives me such a great comfort and sexy feeling i like to buy more and more new panties

  • I have loved wearing panties since I was 10. Thanks to my sisters and their love to feminize their lil brother. I still wear them every day under my manly work clothes with my bra, and my stockings. I have over 70 pairs of different panties in all styles including thongs. I have grown quite accustomed to wearin my thongs as I do enjoy the feeling of nudity. (Just a little harder to keep my male parts in place, but i do have solutions for that issue.) Along male parts so wonderfully. I do not care much for cotton panties but really love the feel of my silk panties, or my satin panties. I also like my control top panties that i like to wear under my tight jeans. In case you have not guessed, I am a crossdresser and have been since I was 10. There are occasions that I do go out dressed femme with real tight panties on so you can see the dreaded woman issue of a panty line. I think it is sexy, so why not show it. I still pass as a woman so I am not self conscious about it. I also have the “Tramp those lines, I also have aad will wear a gaff of which I have 10 different ones. My favorite here is a newer thong type gaff that I purchased on line. It is so comfy and contains my stamp” on my lover back and I have been known to let it show with a visible top of my panty also showing. Especially if I am wearing hip hugger jeans. I love my panties, and I love feeling my feminine side of life. It is a part of who i am. For the record, I do have many women friends who know of my life style, and we are girl friends. As to dating, yes i have become gay and date only men, which have become more than just friends.

  • I agree men should be able to wear whatever they enjoy, whether its panties, dresses or “clothing for men”. I personally enjoy wearing panties and other “women’s clothing”. Men’s clothing is blah. Most of women’s clothing is soft and just feels nice on the human body. Why is it such a big deal if some men let their feminine side show? Women dress masculine ALL the time and not a word is said. Grrrr. I’m done venting I’m going to go to my mani/pedi appointment and getting my nails painted.

  • Just told my wife I enjoy wearing lingerie, she is fine with it, but at the moment I can only wear her undewear when she’s not around. Im fine with those rules, can’t wait to get my own.

  • sometime i feel to steal girls panties,when i was 13 years old i used to wear my sisters panties but now i wear my girl friend panties please help me how to wear panties correct way i like mostly nylon panties

  • My boyfriend justn recently opened up to me about him liking to wear girls panties and it was a big shock to me because not only did he admit to liking wearing them but he likes to tuck his penis back to well wearing them. we have been going out for almost 2 years and he has never been a really manly guy but he has had a lot of crap happen to him as he wa growing up. he wants me to accept it and i do but this is a recent occuring thing and he has been doing it a little to frequently and im trying very very hard to get used to it but i caught him a few weeks ago in a pair of my favorite thongs and i freaked out and started crying histarically it made me kind of scared. he claims he is not gay and will never be gay. dont get me wrong i suppourt gay rights but i am terrified that I might lose him to another man. Derek is the love of my life and i plan to have a future with him. but I really really need help trying to cope with this. it has made him so happy that i am trying to understand and accept it but it has made me somewhat misserable.
    for you guys that has commented before should i be worried of him actually being gay and him leaving me. maybe im just being stupid but still

  • it started for me when i was 7 or 8 years old i found out how great panties felt and then garter belts and stockings soon corsets and oh my its been down hill ever since i have a pantie fetish and i own over 500 pair i am sure i am not going to count because i dont want to know…. i see a nice pair if they fit well i buy them in all colors and have to have 2 or 3 of the same color because when you wear them out u cant go back and get the same ones. so i tend to spend a lot of money on it but i dont have and kids and i am single so i can afford such things I think all woman should let there men dress up because then need a close girlfriend so why not him… if he is in your panties he is you’res forever you just dont know it… go buy him some panties 7 or 8 pair if not more accept it and turn him into a girl just you and him he will fell so close to you and no doubt do anything for you. he is in total love you you at this point.

    i know i am him or was him but lost her.

  • I’ve worn panties for a while, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. I always played football and thought it was weird if I wanted to sleep in panties after a long day

  • Wearing panties for me is both comfortable and erotic. For the sake of comfort, the design and material of women’s panties far outweighs boring cotton ‘Y-Fronts’ and/or boxer shorts. As such, I now wear panties 24/7- and luckily, unlike my first two wives, my Filipino wife usually accepts my habit, and lets me happily wander around lingerie sections in Department stores in Davao City-Philippines. I also enjoy highly searching for, and ordering traditional/retro satin ‘granny full brief panties. I must admit though that from former reactions, I get flickers of guilt/shame, even though I know full well that my taste in panties is something that harms no-one…yet traditional social outlooks still condemn males who wear panties. This begs the question: why is it alright for women to wear male style jeans and T-shirts, and men cannot wear female attire without attracting negative responses?

    From an erotic perspective, I get ‘excited’ by washing and perfuming my growing collection of panties…and the colour pink is my favourite. N.B: My wife has an issue about my colour choice?? I don’t wear my panties over my clothes, so I cannot fathom her problem?

    I hope that others who read this blog will respond, as social support is of great help and value for me~!

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  • I too wear panties 24/7. I am convinced that in all men, and the opposite for women, have a feminine side. In some it is strong and in some it is weak. The strong cross dress all the time and the very strong seek a sex change or live as a woman. The weak tend to just tear up at a sad part in a movie or something that touches them Then there are the middle of the scale where I believe I am. We wear panties and we are comfortable doing so. I feel that panties are what I am supposed to wear. I don’t even know I have them on. I used to use the old excuse that panties are more comfortable than men’s underwear and the excuse that if women can wear men’s boxers and other clothing then I can wear women’s panties. Those two excuses are nonsense. Men shouldn’t be afraid to show their feminine side. The quicker you admit it the better you will feel about yourself. I don’t mean that you should go out and tell everyone that you wear panties because not everyone will understand or will refuse to understand because they don’t want to admit to the truth. And just for your info, men who wear panties or cross dress etc. are not homosexual. The greater majority of homosexual men do not wear panties or more. As a matter of fact they look down upon the men that do. If you are struggling with the idea of wearing panties, I suggest you start slowly. Wear full brief panties. The material choice is up to you. If you are shy about going into stores to buy panties, there are quite a few online stores. I wish you all well.

    • Jim i to fell that i was to wear panties from birth and i do so i have worn panties for over 50 yrs. now and was hooked on panties from the start the first pair of panties i slid over my legs and on to my hips and ass that was it i love the way they fit look and feel and the way they caress my man hood there are no and i do men no men’s underwear that even come close to feeling the fit and the look that panties give me i have tried them all i spent thousands on men so call sexy feeling and briefs the bikini style the thong style the men’s lace style even the string & tie side bikinis to no avail there is no way they even come close to panties the material even though it nylon or satin or lace or silk is not the same as a women’s pantie don’t know just what they do when they make men’s but they are not the same and i guess it is also the taboo of wearing women’s panties that also is a + i do know that i would and never will ever have a pair of men’s underwear on my body again the thought just grosses me out thinking about it like i stated it’s been more than 50 years that i have worn panties and other feminine attire and i have a great collection of panties around 600 pair or more and that no bullshit either i guess you can say that i’am a Panty-A-Holick i just cant resist a sexy pair of panties when i see them even though i have my collection there is always room for another pair and that another thing about men’s undies they never ever change the same old run of the mill drab life less underwear never a change i don’t know what happened from the start of the makers of men’s underwear why they never made sexy undies for men that are the same as women who says that we men can’t like sexy little lace undies or bright colors or soft pink they even say men can’t wear pink what make a color feminine guess i have been confused all these years and still can’t find a reason the we men can’t show our feminine side without being called fag’s that’s bullshit if women can wear anything of men’s wear and nothing is said then what’s up with us wearing women’s attire i just don’t get the double standard and lets be real just what is a pantie? a piece of material i did not know that there is such a thing a male and female material please correct me if i’am wrong .

      Yours Truly Your pantie wearer for life

  • Back when I was a freshmen in high school, I was dating this girl and we hadn’t yet had sex. When we tried the first time, she saw my penis and asked me to wear her panties if I wanted to be with her. From that day on, she made me wear her panties as well as go out and buy my own. She even came to my house and took my boxers away! We stayed together for about 6 years and eventually drifted apart. Although, I loved wearing panties for her and loved that she would do panty checks on me everyday of hs. I wore panties in college but didn’t find the right girl for them. I know wear panties 24/7 and haven’t owned boxers In over 25 years!

  • You are not alone!

    How reasuring it is to discover that you are not the only panty preferring male.

    As a child/teen I thought I was the only one with this harmless indulgence. I couldn’t understand why frilly, pastel nylon panties made me hot and also blush every time I saw them.

    I had an older sister who wore the girliet undies and often washed and hung them to dry in thebathroom. The truth is that I couldn’t take my eyes off them. ( By the way, this was not an attraction to my sister )

    It was only a matter of time before fresh from taking a bath and behind a locked door, I slipped a lovely pair off the drier wire and up my slender legs.

    What a contrast from my thick, ugly cotton Y fronts.

    The panties were sheer pink nylon ( early 1960s ) with lace trim around both legs. They felt light and sensual and very sexy. I caught sight of myself in the mirror and turned 360 degrees to see the total effect. My thoughts would be “absolutely delicious”.

    I can honestly say I tingled all over with excitement. It is now exaggeration to say that electrictiy flowed through my body as my heart raced and my blood pressure maxed out.

    From these early beginnings I could write chapters about panty magnetism and the delight of wearing secretly women’s underwear.

    My sister eventually went of to university and her larger unoccupied room became mine. Her outgrown and abandoned drawers full of silky finery became my playground.

    I slept in shortie babydoll nighties and eventually tried on garter belts and hose.

    Whilst Mum and Dad were out or away, I’d roam the house in my frillies.

    Many years later, my wife is very accommodating with my choices. The thrill has not faded and I always wear feminine items in and out of bed.

    Like many pantyguys, I do not wish for gender re-assignment or to dress fully. Panties, hose and all nightwear items float my boat.

    As a kid, I knew I has a secret that was not to be shared. I couldn’t break the habit.

    My teen fantasy was to be wearing the same nightwear as my girlfriend during a hot encounter. She encouraging me to wear an outfit, whilst I prentended to protest, but eventually giving in.

    Today I do just that with my beautiful wife.

    She enjoys the vulnerable feeling of me in slippy, silky panties and the effect they have on me.

    I feel no guilt or shame for this psychological programming I share with many other men. It brings so much enjoymnet to my life.

    • Thank you for this page Jessica!
      I’m a 25 yr old guy and have been wearing them 24/7 on and off for last few years. My gf of 5 years goes back and forth on really supporting it. At one point she took all male undies away to have me solely wear panties, we shopped for them as well as lingerie for us both, tell me “get dressed before you come to bed”…all really awesome things that rocked my world. About a year ago she had to move to be with family so we’ve been long distance since. Then about a month ago she came to visit me, and did a 180 and actually got very upset when she saw I had them on under work clothes I’m not sure exactly where it came from, but it was clearly a big deal so I wore boxers the rest the visit. I know part of it is that I would always want them on in bed, and I think she felt that was selfish or something? I’m really unsure of what caused the drastic shift. I told her I wear them 24/7 still, but that I wouldn’t wear them in bed anymore, and that I couldn’t never give up wearing thongs completely. I got an “ok, that can work” from her. Tye sudden change is disheartening, so I encourage other guys to listen to your lady and be respectful to her needs. Because I feel I did something wrong there that caused an uneasy situation with the woman I love.
      thanks again Jessica, this is a great page.

  • wow. what a fascinating story and comments you got there. i am typing this while donning the tight blue satin panties with tight black satin trousers. both acetate made 2 be exact. hahahaha. as a cross dresser and satin fetishist, i am proud 2 announced loudly that men should be encouraged 2 have the right 2 cross dressing with panties inside in full glory 2 feel the beauty of it once in a freaking while. the society must be recycled faster and i hope in my next great life, i will be witnessing the society that finally accepts men in cross dressing with panties openly. cheers jessica mendez. you are a great example of lady advocate 4 men in panties movement. hahahaha. xD xD

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